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I figured i would post up my project with some details, since just about everything that I have done to it I learned from this forum. Before I bought the bike I had a ZX6E, after selling that I really wanted an R1 but after many speeding tickets my insurance didn't like that idea. My buddy had an 04 FZ1 that I took for a ride and I fell in love with it. I bought my 03 BEE back in 2011, the month i graduated college, from the friend of the original owner for $3400 with 7,500 miles. It was completely stock other than the yoshi slip on. But sadly it was the originals owners first bike and he had dropped it on both sides at low speed in his driveway. I rode it like that for a two summers until the imperfections in the paint and engine covers really began to annoy me. I really didnt want to change the paint scheme but to replicate the BEE it would have cost too much. So I decided to paint her Chevy victory red and I repainted the engine and frame. You can see in the pictures my progress.
- Dales stage 2 jet kit, timing advancer, AIS block off, and steering stabilizer (sadly the seals started to leak and they are on back order till August)
-12oclock labs speedo healer. with +2 rear gearing
-Pipewerx GP3 slip on.
-R6 shock mod.
-R1 shift mod.
-EBC stiff clutch springs.
-BMW S1000RR mirrors
-Renthal straight bars.
-FP shorty control levers
-Steel braided brake lines
-Shorai battery
-Rokform handlebar cell mount
-LED gauge back light mod
-Sato frame sliders
-Integrated tail light and proton signals, with LED flasher relay.
-5k hi-low HIDs
-Heated grips
-Richard Weiss DR402 BELLY PAN
-01 R1 fork conversion with racetech springs, CNC upper, and carbon fiber fender.
She now has 35K on her right now ( I understand that's not a lot compared to most in this group, but they are all weekend pleasure miles) She has never left me stranded, nor has she broke. Amazing piece of machinery, the FZ1. Feel free to criticize or give me ideas.
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Very nice job!! Love the color! It is very tasteful, not over the top. The bars go well with the black and red. Thanks for the pics!


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Any modifications to the mounting of the BMW mirrors? Thinking that is a better look than my modded fuzzyone mirrors that now sit too low for me to pull into my storage container.


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Thanks for the link. One other question, what is the distance between the mirrors at the farthest point?


Very nice! Well done! I like the Red having never seen a Gen I in that color. I think some gold wheels with red rim tape would really pop on that ride! :Rockon:


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Bike looks great! Not usually a fan of red on bikes but you got it right. Side note, did the air filters on the back of carbs come with the bike or did u install that mod?


Thank you! It was all stock when I got it. They are part of the stage two jet kit.

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If clearance is an issue for storage, why not just fold your mirrors in?

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Look up, "fuzzyone mirror mod". It drops the mirrors down lower than stock for better visibility. When doing mod, it removed the ability to have mirrors fold in.

So, not only to get the option to fold in back, but liking the overall shape to go with recently completed 07 R1 front forks/six pots/rims.


That's is a pretty nifty mod. Lucky for me i don't have an issue with the location. But you might prefer the actual OEM S1000 mirrors. When I mocked them up on my bike they were much lower and slightly shorter. And they also fold.

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I like those mirrors, cool mod.

I wish my 03 had the Black motor and swing-arm, that looks so clean IMO.