My First Motocamping Trip


All in all, it doesn't sound horrible, except for your cold....I sympathize, I've got it too :(
The coyotes....they call the pack to dinner. When they make a kill, they start screaming for the rest of the family. I'm very cautious when I let my dog out at night!


What Works for me

Camping always works for me! Sometimes with friends, sometimes alone. The smell of woodsmoke, the chorus of nightly insects, the loons at sun set, and a rich, peaty, smoky, single-malt.



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From another 'MotoCamper', Welcome to the Club.

I actually prefer to camp when I'm on the bike ... I like the idea of being self-sufficient, and I LOVE being outdoors.


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aaaaaaaand now I want an adventure bike.

We usually camp out of a truck with the dogs.
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