Loss of power while riding


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i've done no work on the bike recently and shes used daily
While 1/2 way home at 100kph she just stopped running ... dash still on .... key on and no warning at all i.e backfire or running rough no engine check lite.
i pulled in clutch flicked kill switch hit starter a few times and she started back up and ran fine rest of way home.
occasionally when i go to start in morning nothing happens when i hit starter but two or three hits and she starts straight up.

Modifications .... rotor updated and powercommander 3 fitted and running great for 5000km ive owned her other than that she is stock and done 40k service

jared p

Check electrical connections and wires under tank, cutting out hard like that usually means electrical issue. Look for worn cables, sometimes it'll wear through and then wires randomly ground out on frame or parts n whatnot. Water can eventually corrode connections, check em, clean em all out with a brush, apply dielectric grease.

Also, a common culprit can be kickstand switch malfunctioning.