Lack of power at low rpm (Yamaha FZ1 2006)


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Hey! I have a 2006 FZ1 with 55k miles and it has been a dream. So much power, I mean, I could let it idle at 1000 rpm in 1st gear and drop the clutch and it would never ever stall! But lately it has been getting pretty weak. What do I have to do to restore her to her past glory? I have the service manual and it says that a valve adjustment is due. Would a valve adjustment job fix this? I don't have any problem with power above 3000 rpm, at all, and she still reaches top speed if you know what I mean. Sometimes the idle gets a little choppy now, like 1000 +/- 100 rpm, and starting out after a red light can be a little jerky (sometimes).

So, all you "high" mileage FZ1 guys and gals, what have you done to your bike lately, i.e. what do I need to look out for? What are likely failing components I need to keep an eye on at 55,000 miles. Thank for all the advice in advance!!


I'd say that aside from the valve inspection, that a throttle body sync is in order by now. That should hopefully cure some of that choppy idle. And I believe that the first valve inspection should have been at 26,000 miles.