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My wife ordered me a Tourmaster mesh jacket from this place that was on closeout. Inventory listed the size and color I wanted. She placed the order and the next day received a "shipping confirmation" with a FedEX tracking number. Well, a week goes by and we're not thinking about this much... I ask her to see what the status of the jacket is. It's still that same faux shipping information, you know, the one where they transmit the shipment but never have it ready for pickup? Worse, they had charged her card for this jacket before shipping. She contacted them only to find out that there was an "inventory error" and we could either get refunded or select another item.

  • Thus, they have inventory control issues.
  • They charge your card regardless of stock.
  • Shipping info provided without any stock? Come on!!!
  • They did not contact us at all.
  • We had to contact them... how long WOULD they have waited?

:tdown: Rated 2 out of a possible 10 :tdown: and that is two thumbs down!!

Just say :flip: to Jafrum.com


Thanks for the heads up Eric. I have never ordered from them, but have been on their site before...