GPR Stabilizers


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After dealing with Steven at GPR while at the AMA races in NJMP, I have to say I was totally satisfied with them.

He made some mods to the stabilizer he had to customize for my color preferences on the spot trackside, installed for free, and offered at any time to look it over simply by bringing the bike by the track at race events where they attend, all for a significant discount off Retail while including the mountng bracket for my FZ1.

The whole family seemed honest, trustworthy, and made me feel like I actually mattered as a customer.

I would recommend the product based on how it performs, and have complete confidence in their customer service and sincerity in their business dealings.


I have not met them but did get to prototype their unit and write a testimonial here. For doing so, was able to keep the unit. It is an awesome piece of work and looks like it always belonged on the bike. The fit and function is spot-on.

Glad you go to meet with them and get the product customized!

I love seeing their logo and product on the stage when watching the Isle of Man TT events! :tup:


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I have a GPR on my '07 and I love it. I have had other stabilizers on other bikes and I have to say I like this one the best for ease of operation and performance.