Gen I Temp Gauge Install

I can send you some pictures of what I did. Then try to explain it if you'd like. Wow I just noticed this is from 2015. I'm sure you've done it by now right?
tft dash project features So the tftdashproject guy says that the Gen 1 temp sensor is actually already capable of sending a linear signal for a gauge, even though the bike is only equipped from the factory with a temp light. If you can get a gauge with the proper resistance readings, you may not need to add anything other than the gauge and wiring to the OEM signal from the sensor. I do not have access to an OE service manual, but if you do, that may help identify the signal output readings from the sensor.
I wish I would have known that before I installed mine. I actually cut the radiator hose put a metal splice with a bong installed a sensor and then hooked up the gauge. Looks good it was just kind of a pain in the butt
I have the tft and yeah it does display the temp, seems pretty accurate.

On my rgv i use a small koso digital gauge, i had to tap the t-stat housing 1/8th npt to fit the sensor.