fz1 tuning in the netherlands


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Hi there guys, for all the dutch fz1ers on this forum, I just got my 2006 fz1 tuned at matech sollutions. Man what a difference from stock.
better pick-up, way stronger at bottom end and (almost) no on-off effect to be noticed after David took care of business.
Check out his website or give the man a call, he'll do wonders for your bike!!!
FZ1 tuning

Hello, this is David, owner of Matech Solutions. It's no spam, just a satisfied customer I guess.

To tell shortly a bit about myself, I have been working in the race scene for over 20 years now, preparing R1's for World Championship Endurance racing etc.

Since some time I am making streetkits also. The FZ1 was one of the bikes that can be much improved.

It will be interesting for most of you to see one of the new products I had developed for this kit: the MWR airfilter. Fits 2006> FZ1's. More power, better sound. Can be purchsed from me, or dealers worldwide.

For some technical info and pics see my website at Yamaha FZ1 2006>, unfortionately only in Dutch available for now!


Just curious as to whether or not David has contacted the site Administrator in order to get "Vendor Status". If not you must do so first before posting any product for sale. According to your status it says "Junior Member". If you haven't already done so, contact the Administrator in order to set up as a "Vendor". Thanks in advance.