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eBay Seller's Name : irvineman
Seller's Store : VXB Bearings

The Story:

I needed a digital Vernier Caliper. This guy sells them dirt cheap. I paid $15 for mine. Free shipping.

I ordered from this guy last thursday night, about 8pm east coast time. The guy is located in California. He shipped the item to me in NC, and it got here Monday morning at 10AM. CRAZY fast shipping.

Now, for a $15 caliper, I really wasn't expecting much... I just have to adjust my float height with it, so it really didn't need to hold up for more than abuot an hour... and for 15 bucks... I figured I couldn't go wrong.

I get the package, it's in a big bubble wrap lined envelope... so... good thoughts from the beginning... I open that envelope, and there's another bubble wrapped envelope. Awesome!

Finally get through all of the packaging, and there is a black box. The box is lined with foam, that has a fitted area cut out to hold the caliper. Gorgeous. The caliper itself is all steel construction, with a digital readout in inches or MM, a fine tuning thumb adjuster, and a lock. It's one of the highest quality calipers I've ever seen. It'll definitely be a long term tool, not at all the piece of junk I was expecting.

eBay Store ? VXB Bearings Skateboard and Slotcar: Search results for Caliper.

I'd recommend this guy to anyone looking for a top quality caliper for hardly any cash.

As a side note, the guy also sells bearings. For dang near everything.

Every time i start feeling bad about what eBay has become, I run into a seller like this that completely changes my mind.