DTR Motorsports in Phoenix


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I could've posted this in the vids section but I hope people check it out anyway.

So last weekend I was riding around and managed to find this guys (Dustin Apgar) shop. He was actually closed but he showed me around his place and he specialis in mainly road race, drag race and stunting setups for bikes. He is fully racetech certified and also has one of the only fully certified Ducati mechanics in the state, also he is dyno-certified.

I told him about my handling/suspension problems and he offered to setup my suspension for $30 on his day off no less (the previous two people I talked to were $50 and $40). So, I took him up on it and I must say my bike with stock springs which are about 2 spring strengths too weak is now awesome and I'm so much more comfortable and don't feel like I'm going to die because the front end is going to washout.

Anyway, I tell him I motovlog on youtube and he asks if I have seen the vid when he drags his helmet because it's him and his ghillie suit which he has hanging on the wall. I had before but just never knew who it was. Anyway Dustin is a really cool guy and he is very helpful knowledgeable about bikes, check out his video. If you're impatient fast forward to 1:05

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Ov43cWkYIA]Ghilli man Draggin his helmet going fast - YouTube[/ame]