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This forum is one of the best on the web. The work behind the scenes by all the Moderators and Administrators goes mostly unnoticed by all of our fabulous members. Most of the hard work is done by Admin aka Dennis.

Big thank you to Dennis from ALL OF US HERE.

As you all know, Yamaha has made threats to this & our sister sites.

We don't agree with what they are trying to control but they have a lot of money to spend on legal costs. We don't.

Dennis has been dealing with lawyers but at over $300 per hour, this is not an easy task.

For the sake of this amazing forum and the truly amazing "FZ Family" that is here, please make a donation to the site. It doesn't matter how big or how small your donation is. If you can afford a few dollars please donate. And if you already have donated, Thank You.....

Every single cent that gets donated will be a huge thing for Dennis and this site.

We ARE a family here and we need to fight off the global companies that try to stomp on the little guy/gal. This forum has been a wonderful source of laughter, helpful information and just a place to make new friends. Don't let the big guys kill us off.


Thank you
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I don't post too much on here, but I spend a lot of time reading and the information and support are priceless. Thanks to the site admins and everyone else for making owning an FZ1 a great experience. Donation sent.


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This thread finally motivated me to upgrade my free membership to the lifetime version. I've been getting great information from this site for a few years now, and hopefully I've managed to contribute a few things from time to time. Thanks to Dennis and the rest of the "staff" for helping to keep this one of the better forums on the 'net. High signal to noise ratio, and tremendously civil.


Thanks Brenda!

I'm an Elite both here and on the FZ6 forum. I have chosen to subscribe to Dennis using PayPal and give to him every month. I think I started this monthly donation in maybe 2006 or 2007? Unsure but it's been every month for at least 6+ years. :D There's been a few times where I've kicked in some extra for a fund drive. ;)

If you can afford a few bucks a month, please consider a paypal subscription! I forget all about it, it happens automatically and I don't miss it. :Rockon:


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Thanks again Brenda, and thank you everyone.

My post from the FZ6 Site:

"$$$ Sent Dennis. Kick their a$$'s!!!

Come on Forum. Y'all know this is perhaps the best, most supportive motorcycle site on the face of the earth.

I recall back in Jan of 2008 we had maybe 250 members. Now we are zillions, okay, millions. You get the idea. Back then there was another FZ6 sub-forum that had more posts, a few years later it was here. Then the FZ1 site, FZ6R, FZ8, Ninja 300,etc.

Ultimately we are all one family, motorcyclists. Yes we bitch, moan, and fight at times. But in the end we help one another enjoy the sport we all love and I would venture to say, we all live for.

Even it is $1.00 please help Dennis who has uncounted hours and spent untold dollars on a "hobby" so we are happy.

If that is not placing your customer before your needs, I don't know what is.

Pony up people.

"'Pony up' is very much an American phrase and most people in the USA will know its meaning, whereas elsewhere in the English-speaking world the expression is rarely used. In the UK we are more likely to 'stump up' and in Australia and New Zealand money is 'fronted up'. So what have ponies got to do with paying money?

A pony is of course a small horse and that meaning has been in use since the mid-1600s. The word has several other slang meanings, including:

- A small measure of alcohol (British, first documented in 1708)
- A short crib sheet or study aid (American, 1827)
- Twenty-five pounds (British slang, 1797)
- An abridged news report (American, 1877)""

Like Eric I'm "Elite" on both the 1 and the 6 sites. Do I even own an FZ anymore? Nope, but I have lots of friends here and I love my Yamahas. I've also donated a fair amount over the years. Since the "bricks" were eliminated I don't recall...maybe $600.00?

If you are able to please help Admin out, as he has helped all of us in immeasurable ways. Believe it or not, if each person donated only one $1.00 that would help him in immeasurable ways.

If you are able to, please help as we all benefit.



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I'm just now seeing this, thanks for bumping it up to the top.

And once again, I am a member of an 'Elite' group.;)

I enjoy this site, and fell like the $40 for a lifetime membership is worth it. Many thanks to all who keep this site going.