Bridgestone has opted to re-release this tire and run it parallel to the T30 EVO as a longer life, more touring-oriented alternative.

Touring & Sport, the definitive long-life touring tire that provides two opposing performance features!
Recommended for:
●Riders who want to enjoy touring along with long wear life tires.
●Riders who want to focus on more comfortable long touring and excellent performance in wet conditions.
●Riders who ride heavy sport-tourers to sport-naked motorbikes.

I just purchased a set for my VFR to take advantage of a $50 VISA rebate card, bringing a pair down to $230 CAD (~$175 USD) which is a great value for a tire I know works well for me.

Since there was no existing review thread for these, here it is!
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HOLY CRAP. I wish they had done this a few months ago when i replaced both the T30's on my Gen 1. The BT-023 lasts at least 2k longer than the T30. Since I commute primarily this is a factor for me.

+1 for the BT-023 coming back!!!!!
Was never a fan of the grip but they did wear like stone as do the steady selling Michelin Pilot Road 2. Where there's a market....