Avon 3D Ultra Sport


I purchased a set of these during a Motorcycle Superstore sale for an astounding $130. Yes, for the set. It was definitely worth trying at that price. Besides, I had never used Avon before and I do enjoy trying new tires!

There are 3 variations of the 3D Ultra line: Sport, Supersport and Xtreme. From what I gather, the Sport I purchased is more or less a sport touring tire, although Avon doesn't peg it as such because they sell the Storm as the ST tire. Avon calls this an 'all condition' tire. Sounds like a sport touring tire to me.

Some details from Avon:

3D Ultra Sport
High performance all condition sport road tire

Road Hazard Warranty included
Outstanding handling characteristics
Large footprint at extreme lean angles
High performance single and multi-compound Super Rich Silica (SRS) treads enhance wet grip
Ideal for high performance bikes
3D siping with interlocking three dimensional points to improve stability and grip, limit tread flex, and allow the tyre to warm up quickly



I've only got about 1500 km on these at the moment but despite being July, they have been run through temperatures as low as 7c (45F) and as high as 35c (95F) and on cold, wet roads. Most of my riding has been two up so I haven't really had a lot of opportunities to push them solo but what I've felt so far has been very positive.

I won't comment on tread wear just yet but I do find it interesting that the front is a single compound and the rear is a dual. I'm not sure how that will effect wear but we'll see

These have quick turn in and offer good feel while leaned over. I've noticed transitions can sometimes be a little squirmy from the front tire but that could be the bike. I don't recall that feeling from my previous Bridgestone BT-023s, though. The tread in the centre of the tire is quite large and pretty deep so perhaps that's the squirm I feel.

The grip levels give me a lot of confidence in all conditions. I was quite surprised at the grip and feedback when I hit rain and temps around 7c over the weekend. That bodes well for my winter commuting.

I'll update the thread later but I'm pleasantly surprised so far!

Note to self: You mounted these tires at 61,500 km
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For that price I will pick up a set and put aside for when my BT16's wear out. I like the road hazard warranty as I had a perelli take a nail with about 500KM on it.
Will have to check out motorcycle superstore, I have been buying tires from Jake Wilson in the past


I think the sale might be over now, have a look. At the regular price, you've got lots of other choices so I'm not sure if they will stack up quite as well


Quick update now that I've had a chance to do some hard solo riding. I've only got 3000 km on these at the moment and the rear appears to be squaring off already; that's somewhat of a surprise. Cornering grip is excellent, noticeably more feel and confidence leaned over on power than the BT-023 I replaced.

I definitely don't like the 'squirmy' feeling from the front tire just dawdling along upright or in transitions from side to side. The front was static balanced but I do get a headshake if I let go of the bars. My previous front tire didn't do this so I guess it's just the tire.

I can post photos if you guys are interested.

jared p

nice! i've actually thought about avons as well but keep getting deals on other stuff instead and forgetting. do they still offer the lifetime roadside warranty? they used to do if you get a nail, they'll replace the tire for free, thanks for the report i'll be sure to get these back on my to buy list


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Sorry Dustin but the feejer boys tried them again and again, reports were -Avon has terrible quality control, wear out early and is known for head shake. You just never know what you are going to get, a good tire or crapy one.

Bought some once as they were cheap-I got what I paid for-not much. Doubt you could give me a set now.


These don't look like they will last very long at all. Interesting that the headshake is common amongst Avon. I will keep my eyes peeled for delamination and any defects on a regular basis


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I have a set of AVON touring tires on another bike, that is not a FZ1. It has been one of the best handling; longest wearing tire I have ever owned. The wear is as even and perfect as you could ask for. I know this doesn't mean anything as to how a tire for the FZ1 might perform, but I believe they make very good tires. Just not widely advertised.


I have started to noticed an increasing lack of confidence in the front end of my bike. The already existing wobble when I let go of the bars has become a bit worse but the most notable thing is that the front wheel is kind of all over the place for lack of a better word. It feels as if the front tire is low on air but it's most definitely not as I have checked it multiple times with different tire gauges. I get a lazy wandering from the front end, steering feels a bit off and it's really sensitive to changes in the road surface such as crowns or cracks or what-not. I have had a few instances where I can feel the front kind of 'jerk' away from me in situations where I am not riding in any manner that would suggest I could be sliding or losing grip.

I've already got a new set of Bridgestone T30s on the way but I am really interested in feedback from you guys. If I wasn't very clear, please ask me questions to clarify it because I am having a hard time understanding what's going on myself.


I sent Avon an email this morning and got a very quick reply back regarding my issue:


Thanks for the question. It sounds like the tire may be out of round. With this issue you will want to take the tire back through where you purchased it so they can send it in for a warranty check. If this is not possible contact us and we can help out further.

1. from your description, the tire seems to display signs of being out-of-round
2. Since you experienced the "wobble" from the beginning, it indicates that the tire is potentially out-of-round.
3. with regards that the bike has had the neck bearing, wheel bearings checked/replaced, the tire may be out-of-round.


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I'm now just working on figuring out a warranty process for returning the tire. I'll have to go across the border and pick up my T30s and get those on first


So it looks like I'll have to return them to Motorcycle Superstore at my own cost. The cost to ship the front tire will probably be at least $20 IF I drive down to the US and ship it from there. Since I paid $56 the the front, it doesn't seem worthwhile to ship it back. What I'll probably do is just sell the rear which is perfectly fine and make up some of the cost I'm out
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