1. J

    Carb rebuild

    Hi guys , I just picked up a mint 05 FZ1 and need advise to what carb rebuild parts I should use. Bike has sat for 2 years and gas is nasty! It’s in a no run condition and needs battery and carb overhaul. Thanks in advance!
  2. S

    Looking at a FZ1 this weekend

    Hey FZ1 owners, I have been eye balling FZ1s (and the VFR1200...) as my next bike for ~5 years, but haven't found one at the right price when I had cash in hand. I saw this one pop up on Craigslist, and am going to look at it this weekend...
  3. Methanol

    FZ1S In OZ

    G'day riders Didn't find the intro page at first, have now so I'll say hello to everyone and share a bit of background. My first ride was at 5 years old on a paddock bike. A 1950s British something (Excelsior?) step thru. Chasing the older cousins around the paddock and hoping to get a ride...
  4. J

    New to forum, new to my FZ1 and a little disappointed.....

    Hi guys, I've been in the motorcycle industry since I was 4yrs old as my grandfather owned motorcycle dealerships in southern Michigan. I've always been on 2 wheels. I was riding a Suzuki Jr 50 before a bicycle. I've raced motocross for 20 years and now just a weekend warrior. I never bought a...
  5. B

    2007 fz1

    I have for sale a 2007 FZ1 This is one of the cleanest bikes you will find. It has 12,000 miles. very well cared for and maintained. has new tires, mirrors, LED blinkers, bar risers and wheel stripes. I am the second owner. The first owner was 55 years old and took very good care of the bike. Im...
  6. B

    Gearbox Issues

    Have now had the bike for two years, just ran out of warranty today. Great bike except for the gearbox, 1 - 3 very vague and difficult to shift, especially today with 3 rd gear seems like it went in but then engaged with a loud klunk, only did it a few times , but something that hasn't happened...
  7. Dustin

    Bridgestone BT-016 Pro

    I just picked up a pair of these for the VFR after finding out Bridgestone was offering a sweet $70/pair rebate on them in October. They are getting on towards 7 years old now but Bridgestone keeps producing them and my set is from mid-2016. I imagine these will only go on the bike come late...
  8. NB64

    Greetings from a newbie in zaragoza, spain

    Hi. Got an FZ1 S last week. I'd been riding a Honda Hornet 900 919 for 3 years and loved it. It was the best bike I'd ever had. However, a guy in my barrio was selling the FZ1 at a knock down price - so much so I was worried about it! He wanted 4,000 euros for an immaculate 2009 with only...
  9. FZ1inTX

    Might throw in the towel... for now

    I thought that moving to Texas would afford me more riding time. I thought the weather change from NH would entice me to be out on the bike more. I thought, since I'd bought a brand-new home, I'd have nothing but time on my hands with no projects to do. I was wrong in so many ways... on too...
  10. B

    New member

    Hello everyone, I just got 2006 FZ1 ... the deal was so good I couldn't pass on it. I've been riding for the past 25 years and this is a third Yamaha that I owned. I'm located in Toronto, Canada. Cheers,
  11. james3289

    New guy from Dorset

    Evening all, I've just got myself a 2011 FZ1-N after riding a 1998 FZS600S for the last 8 or so years. Look forward to having a good look through this forum.
  12. R

    Newb here.

    Been riding 35 years. Had a bunch of cool and some not so cool bikes since the 70s, most recently had an 08 R6 that I loved but hated riding due to aggressive riding position (I am getting old and old men look silly on a sport bike anyway). Traded it for a new FZ6R and enjoyed it for a few years...
  13. Chameleon

    FNG in SoCal

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum so wanted to say hi! I started riding in 2013 on an 06 fz6. I loved the bike but had to sell it after two season to pay medical bills. After two years of not riding I finally got back on two wheels yesterday when I picked up an 07 fz1. Man this bike is...
  14. Erci

    FS: geezer mirror hole block off plates - Gen 2 (2006-current)

    These have sat in my basement for nearly 5 years. Bike's gone now.. no sense to keep'em. These are for Gen 2 (2006-current) $40 shipped.
  15. Erci

    FS: HVMP heavy bar end weights - central NJ - $50

    These help a great deal with handlebar vibration. They are a direct fit for FZ6, FZ1 and FZ6R handlebars. I've had these on my FZ1 for a couple of years, but no longer need them (will not be using FZ1 for long rides). $50 + shipping (local pick-up welcome). - SOLD
  16. n.e.mich

    Picked up my new bike this morning...

    Preparing for my "golden years'!
  17. Blavenia

    Wifey Wipe Out!

    Well, with the wife getting some more dirt miles under her belt it was inevitable that she would screw up at some point. I have to say it was a spectacular crash! In all my years of riding (over 36 years) I've never been able to perfectly land my bike upside down after wiping out. It was...
  18. Klurejr

    Selling bike due to becoming a Parent?????

    I just saw this blog in an email from Bike Bandit this morning...
  19. NJFZ1

    F/S: Gen II Copperdog Rear Seat Cowl - Red

    have for sale a Copperdog rear seat cowl in excellent condition. This is the Strike model. Will match the factory red paint that was used on the FZ1 in various years. $225 shipped CONUS. PayPal preferred. If interested post on here or send me a PM. Pics below:
  20. Strider7

    We lost a coupla good ones today ...

    A long time friend in Florida called me earlier today to tell me that his wife of almost three years (their anniversary is 2 days from now) passed away today in a motorcycle accident. Her best friend was with her. At first it seemed that he told me that they were riding together on separate...