1. FZ1inTX

    Might throw in the towel... for now

    I thought that moving to Texas would afford me more riding time. I thought the weather change from NH would entice me to be out on the bike more. I thought, since I'd bought a brand-new home, I'd have nothing but time on my hands with no projects to do. I was wrong in so many ways... on too...
  2. A

    2002 Fz1 Cutting out at 115mph

    Not sure which generation a 2002 is considered its pretty new bike to me compared to my old superhawk. Today while riding i wanted to see what she could do and when i hit 115 it cut out. Is there a governor for speed or what could be wrong on my bike?
  3. FZ1inTX

    Airborne! NSFW - Language

    What did HE do wrong? (More like how many things did he do wrong?) LiveLeak.com - Biker Goes Airborne