1. smurfturd

    Front Axle spacing / Brake binding

    Hey guys, I have an '06 FZ1 that I recently pulled apart to service the front suspension. No issues there but when putting the wheels and brakes back on I discovered that the caliper was actually binding/contacting the rotor. After looking into it I found that the RH leg where the axle passes...
  2. ghetto_d

    R1 / FZ1 Wheels, Tires, etc. (OEM) Black

    PN: 5VY-25168-00-98, 5VY-25338-00-98 This set of wheels is off one of my 2007 R1. 400mi on wheels. Black. No stripes. Basically perfect; 1 small scuff on front lip. Matching tires (pilots) - front tire has 400mi, rear has 0mi – HOWEVER, they are getting older (the front is what was on it...
  3. bewarethefuzz

    aftermarket Wheels Gen 2

    Looking at options for upgrading the wheels on my trusty steed. A 10th birthday present for it maybe. If anyone has some forged or carbon wheels, let's talk. Thanks for your interest.
  4. C

    Does anyone know

    Ive got an fz1 15 plate 5 spoke wheels does anyone know if 5 spoke r1 wheels go straight in
  5. Bogie

    Wheel Color Choices

    I am going to be ordering a set of Carrozerria Wheels, Galfer Rotors and 520 Chain Conversion Kit. I am going back and forth on the color of the wheels. Pictures of the bike and the color choices attached. I am choosing between Gloss Black, Matte Black or Titanium Grey. I am leaning...
  6. H

    Thoughts on Black 1st Gen with bronze wheels or keep the wheels black?

    So I just took off my wheels to put some new tires on and I noticed they need to be painted because they have some chips out of them (to which I contributed by yanking on the front wheel with the calipers still on the forks....brain fart :retard:) so I was thinking, hey I kinda like the look of...
  7. J

    2004 FZ1S speedo

    How does the 2004 FZ1S read speed for the speedometer? is there an induction line from one of the wheels to the speedometer or is it some how measured inside the engine?
  8. I

    2009 FZ1 Accessories (Levers, Wheels, Shocks)

    I'm putting my 2009 FZ1 back to stock and these are the parts I'm selling. SOLD - Carrozzeria Wheels - $1300 Comes with tires and sprocket - SOLD Ohlins YA041 S46HR1C1S Rear Shock - $1000 Synto Levers - $150 for the pair Lightech Chain Adjuster - $200 Lightech type 2 Spring Preload...
  9. 1

    Want to trade gold/bronze wheels off 2009 fz1

    This is probably a long shot but I would like to trade my wheels for the black ones. 5k miles with stock tires, no scratches.
  10. FZ1riderNY

    Removing GenII Rotors/ New Wheel Color

    Many of you probably have run into the issue of trying to remove the rotor bolts from the GenII wheels. Lots of guys I've asked have had no issues at all but I found that removing these stock torx head bits to be a royal P.I.T.A. I had tried at first with heat from a torch but probably didn't...
  11. P

    Gen 2 wheels, rotors, sprocket carrier FS

    ----SOLD---- I've decided to take my FZ1 street-only, so that means I have WHEELS FOR SALE! These fine wheels fit an 06-14 FZ1 and 04-06 R1. If you swap the front brake rotors (60 bucks on ebay) they'll also fit an 07-08 R1. The tires are GP-A 211s with about 4 track days on them. I'm...
  12. Bogie

    Hey Ya'll!!!

    Long time no see!! Been rehabbing my shoulder and paying off my debt. Finally back on two wheels again as of today. Not a FZ1 but still some Yamaha yummy!!!