1. Dustin

    Avon Spirit ST - new for 2017

    Reviews are starting to come out for Avon's new sport touring tire, the Spirit ST. I've not had a positive experience with Avon tires in the past but it's always nice to see the ST category get even more competition. MCN's thoughts...
  2. M

    FZ-1 vs FZ-10 on the track

    I have been riding my 2009 FZ1 on the street for 6 years, and also on the track for the last year. I had an opportunity to ride the FZ10 at the track through Yamaha demo days, which I was excited to do to see if it would be the eventual replacement for my FZ1. I'd like to see if my experience...
  3. loosenut

    Laguna Seca Track Day video

    I had a great time until I crashed at the beginning of my 6th and final session.
  4. Dustin

    Dunlop Q3+

    Dunlop has finally updated the Q3! From their website:
  5. Bogie

    Track Bike For Sale

  6. M

    Michelin Pilot Road 4 on track

    I rode at New Jersey Motorsports Park (Thunderbolt) on Monday with my street tires, the Pilot Road 4. I was initially concerned that I would have traction issues. The weather was perfect (about 80 degrees, mostly sunny), track grippy and I had no problems with traction at all. I leaned until...
  7. M

    Headlight tape for track days

    I know a lot of people use colored duct tape or blue painter's tape for covering headlights for track days (often a requirement), but does anybody know of any pre-sized FZ1 headlight tape decals? I know they have some for R1/R6: YAMAHA – TrakTape Or is there a single large-sheet tape for...
  8. B

    Standard can without cables

    Hello all, Just wondering if the standard can will still perform well/keep volume sub 105db for track days without the valve cables hooked up... as I don't have the cables! Many thanks
  9. A

    Anyone know about learning to race?

    I was researching track days in my area. I see there are some coming up this summer, but they are pretty expensive. Has anyone gone to them and if so did you have a good time? It sounds like it would be great. Get to ride around the track and practice skills. Have some instruction. What do...
  10. Blavenia

    Bought another bike for the Wifey!

    Well, here we go again. My daughter is ready to really get into some off roading this season so we decided to get something for Michelle to ride to go along with Lexi's CRF80 and my KLX250S. We got a super deal on a 2013 Honda CRF150R Expert so I bought it. Was brand new sitting on the...
  11. silentcropduster

    1/4mi run at the track -11.55 @ 127.08 & the ultimate pucker factor

    Due to the officials being worthless pieces of s*** and not properly prepping the track (poured rain the day b4 the race) I almost lost it, not cool, and the ultimate pucker factor! They ended up shutting it down after about 4 bikes about bit the dust and taking 30mins 2 prep the track better...
  12. Blavenia

    TPM Special at NJMP April 18, 19 and 20

    Hey all. Just noticed TPM (Team Pro Motion) is doing a special this weekend where if you purchase a Full Throttle membership they will throw in a free track day this weekend at New Jersey (Thunderbolt) or a $50 credit this weekend with an Inside Pass membership. Just thought any track day...
  13. Klurejr

    Track Worker killed by an unmanned R1 during a track day in Florida

    This is really sad. Out-Of-Control Motorcycle Kills Corner Marshal At Florida Track Day
  14. Jennings Moto GP 2014 Z1000

    Jennings Moto GP 2014 Z1000

    <p>My and my 2014 Z1000\'s first track day. We had a blast!</p>
  15. Jennings GP track day - Nov 11th, 2013

    Jennings GP track day - Nov 11th, 2013

    113k mi, gen 1, 2nd track day ever.
  16. FZ1N Track Day

    FZ1N Track Day

    Yamaha & Kawasaki track day Israel
  17. FZ1N Track Day

    FZ1N Track Day

    Yamaha & Kawasaki track day Israel
  18. FZ1N Track Day

    FZ1N Track Day

    Yamaha & Kawasaki track day Israel
  19. FZ1N Track Day

    FZ1N Track Day

    Yamaha & Kawasaki track day Israel
  20. FZ1N Track Day

    FZ1N Track Day

    Yamaha & Kawasaki track day Israel