1. L

    Fantastic condition R6, 1999 for sale

    Due to arrival of my FZ1, I'm reluctantly selling my R6,, This is a amazing machine, in brilliant condition considering it's year, check out the link on eBay, but be quick, it's hopefully up tonight, but enquire anyway in case it doesn't go... giveaway start price £1700...
  2. Bogie

    Going to see the Foo Fighters tonight!!!!

    Finally getting to see Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters live tonight!!!!
  3. Chipster

    Picking up this baby tonight

    I have drooled over the Pics of Gen1's with lowers for years....tonight this beauty will be in my garage (hope not jinxing deal). 2001 with... Fuzzy Mirror Mod, R6 foot pegs and shift arm, Traxxion AK20 Forks, Holeshot AIS Kit, Sync'd carbs, LED Blue instument bulbs, Oxford heated grips, 5 Star...
  4. dugancFz1

    Need Stage 3 map help

    I loaded the Jondaddy Stage3 map tonight from Duke's map pack, started it up and it smells pig rich, plus the idle is all lopy. Took it for a quick ride and the first time I pulled the clutch in it stalled, raised the idle a little and it stopped stalling. The thing backfires like a goddamn...
  5. S

    Exhaust gaskets

    Any tips or tricks for keeping the exhaust gaskets in place while trying to align all four manifolds with the ports angled down, fighting gravity here folks! Will hopefully be putting my exhaust back on tonight after pulling the oil pan and replacing the o-ring for the water pump drain tube...