1. Bogie

    Modular and Multiple Use Helmets

    Looking at this Scorpion EXO-AT950 as a possible new lid. For $250 USD it covers a lot of uses. Anyone have any experience with this model or this style of helmet?
  2. Dustin

    For the mountain bikers of the forum

    My friend is an avid downhill MTB rider and he just started up his own YouTube channel with a really cool POV style. He's going to post videos of all the different trails and racing events around BC and other places. The videos are really cool as they are shot with a sweet stabilizer for a GoPro...
  3. S

    satans v4 adaptor

    hi fellas i.m new to the forum so please be gentle , I ve just received my shock adaptor to convert to r1 08 shock and wondered if anyone has used an adjustable dogbone to set the ride height as I would like to lift the rear end a la sports bike also has anyone ever used rearsets from another...
  4. NJFZ1

    F/S: Gen II Pazzo Levers

    For sale is a set of Pazzo Racing levers for the Gen II. These are the long style in black with black adjusters so they will match any color bike. Excellent condition. No scratches or rash. $110 shipped CONUS. PayPal preferred. PM or post on here if interested.
  5. PapaGeno21

    CrazyBiker! Need your help!

    Tried to pm you but your message box is full. May as well post it here maybe someone else will get useful info from it. I have the shad sh45 top case and mount for it on my bike, but I'm looking into the Givi v35 side bags. I see you have the same stuff, I was wondering what mounts you...
  6. fazertazer1

    Copperdawg speedscreen with aftermarket mx bars

    So im thinking i wanna get the copperdawg speedscreen. I really like the look and the turbulance is supossed to be gone. I also want to run a set of mx bars or possibly rizoma bars. Does anyone know if the combination of the speedscreen and mx style bars will clash. Ive heard rumors that the...