1. W

    FZ1 weird buzzing from chain/front sprocket/gearbox

    Hello everyone. I'm new here, sorry if I missed any posting rules. So, the problem is: recently I've noticed a weird buzzing sound coming from the front sprocket area. The first time was when I was riding. Mostly at 2-3-4th gears, when the engine's load is sort of synced with the constant...
  2. D

    New to me, 2014 FZ1

    Hello all! Just picked up a 2014 FZ1 with 3100 miles. I'm in Indiana, USA. so the riding season is a few months away. It came with a Delkevic slip on, Tail clean up kit, and LED turn signals. Other than that it seems stock but how do I know????? No tool kit or owners manual. Had a...
  3. silentcropduster

    WTB: gen2 OEM sprockets (17t/45t) and stock size chain (530 pitch, 122 link)

    I'm in need of a new chain, might as well do the sprockets too while I'mm at it. Before I buy it from somewhere else, might anyone have brand new OEM size counter sprocket, rear sprocket, or chain that they are looking to get rid of? I know it's a long shot but LMK - thanks!
  4. B

    2nd Gen Givi Soft Luggage Supports and 16T Sprocket

    Sold These have been sold to fellow inmate.
  5. ghetto_d

    Chain question before purchase

    OK guys, so this winter I'm finally going to do the 520 conversion. bike still only has 10k miles on it, but i'm ready to upgrade the drive system. much to my dismay, I've been hearing that 122 links is the number needed. I'm sticking pretty close to factory tooth count (-1 front; rear stock)...
  6. X

    Gas Mileage

    So my new to me 2009 FZ1 is getting less than expected gas mileage. I haven't kept a super strict log, but has been averaging in high 20's and today was 22mpg!! Everything I'm reading shows most are averaging somewhere in the mid 30's to low 40's depending on type of riding. SO, couple of...
  7. EISTO

    Gen II sprocket side wear: running out of ideas

    My Gen II tends to wear the sprockets unevenly; the front sprocket gets worn on the side facing the engine but not on the opposite side. Now, I know this is textbook evidence of misaligned sprockets. The question is what type of misalignment and what is causing it. I've thought of 3 options so...
  8. F

    16T front sprocket for FZ1

  9. F

    FZ1 sprockets

  10. I

    2009 FZ1 - Lots of Accessories!

    The bike currently has about 27,XXX miles and bought it brand new in 2009. Always garaged kept, meticulously cleaned and maintained. Bike was laid down in a slow right hand turn and has minimal damage. I have all the original parts as well. Now for the goodies: European front light conversion...
  11. O

    Countershaft Sprocket Nut Size?

    What size of socket is required to remove the countershaft sprocket nut on my 2002 FZ1?
  12. Delta

    Speedo healer speedo DRD

    Ok so our speedos are reading wrong especially when we play with the gearing like changing sprockets. So what I want to know is, which speedo healer/DRD is the one to get? I can't find any in the UK so it's going to be ebay and import from the USA. Which one is the easiest to fit and use? I...
  13. javahaxxor

    Front sprocket change - which tools?

    Hi I'm on a 16T front and after having a look at gearingcommander.com I decided to shorten my wheelbase with 12mm by going with 17T front and 47T rear Which tools do I need to remove the front sprocket ? Do I need to pay special attention to anything ? Thanks in advance J
  14. cos_fz1

    16 tooth front sprocket, Yamaha OEM

    ********The Item is no longer available ************ I have a never opened Yamaha OEM 16 tooth front sprocket, part number: 4XV-17460-00-00 that I am not going to use. Just shoot me a check for maybe $8 shipping and I will drop it in the mail for you. Thanks Peter
  15. BDazzler

    Chain and sprocket suggestions/help

    Hey guys, I've just hit over 23,000 miles and my chain looks to need replacing. I admit I haven't cleaned it as often as I should have. I'm sure others have made it much longer. Anyway, I just wanted some advise on what chain and sprockets I should use. I want to keep the stock gearing. I'm sure...
  16. F

    Removing cover over front sprocket

    What's the best way to remove shift mechanism so can clean front sprocket? Do the nuts on the shift arm have to be totally taken off or can they just be loosened?
  17. silentg

    rear wheel bearing sizes/part numbers query

    having just looked on the parts catalogue UK for the part numbers/sizes of the rear wheel bearings (sprocket carrier side and right side) the part numbers for both on the list are the same. im sure when i got the bearings before the sprocket carrier side was a different size altogether. there is...
  18. A


    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum so I hope I'm posting in the right place. I have clicking that seems to resonate from around the front sprocket. I haven't had a chance to pull the bike apart to see what malfunction there might be. As for the clicking, it's produced with the clutch...
  19. S

    '06 FZ1-N Sprocket mod - what chain

    Hi I am about to change both front and rear sprockets to -1 on the front and +3 on the rear on my bike and was wondering about the chain lenght I will need. I am pretty sure the standard lenght chain will not suffice so I was guessing to get a something between a 124-126 link chain. But...