1. T

    Power commander map for my 2006 FZ1

    Hi folks. I'm new on here and not sure where to go to ask my question. I have a power commander v on my 2006 FZ1. I was provided with some odd map from Dynojet when I installed it. It ran terribly. When I looked at the map it is for a 2009 model with Yoshimura slip on installed.....My bike has a...
  2. T

    09 First Mods

    Im a 53 yr old rider from WI with about 45 yrs riding some sort of bike or another. Last bike was a 01 TL1000R and i picked up my 09 FZ1 last summer. Riding here consist of slabbing for an hour to get to the curvey roads and with that in mind I want to do a small batch of mods to pick up a shot...
  3. B

    clutch slip between 1st and 2nd

    I have a 2009 with only 8000km/5000miles and when I accelerate hard when I shift first to second there seems to be a phase in of the clutch grabbing. I don't notice it in other gears but definitely in 1-2. It seems to be a few seconds where the revs pick up then slow down as the clutch catches...
  4. I

    FS - GEN 2 Scorpion slip on

    It is sold
  5. delbert

    stock can / slip on

    Put the stock can back on a few days ago (like I do occasionally )and I'm convinced it runs smoother and much nicer than with my slip on albeit quieter ... Any thoughts?
  6. Silatman

    How good are FZ1's

    Hi guys, My first post on this forum after buying a 2013 FZ1N. I test rode heaps of different bikes before forking out the cash, Ninja 1000, Z1000, Bandit 1250S/F, XJR1300, VFR800 XV1900 blah blah blah and everytime I ride my FZ1N I have a grin from ear to ear. My baby is, as...
  7. B

    Wanted : gen 1 slip on exhaust in nice condition.

    Need a slip on exhaust . Looking for something 16-18" (no shortys). in nice condition. Let me know what you might have and your asking price.. Do not want to get into a bunch of shipping costs so the east coast would be great as I am in Ohio.
  8. F

    issue with fz1 clutch

  9. K

    2013 FZ1 Pipe

    Hi all new too site sorry for any rookie mistakes! I have a 2013 FZ1 989 miles want to add a new slip on pipe any ideas? Thank you
  10. B

    Slip on

    Hi,I know its difficult to judge,but which is the best slip on? for a FZ1Fazer 2009
  11. dugancFz1

    TwoBros Titanium black series slip on

    TwoBros Titanium black series slip on with P1-X sound suppressor, bought 1.5yr ago, about 6k miles on this. Couple of very minor wear and tear marks. $275 shipped to lower 48. Price dropped to $240. up
  12. delbert

    Fuel / exhsust

    Was reading an article about how just adding a slip on won't affect mpg , although I notice a fairly big improvement in fuel consumption when using the stock can , I can also notice a drop in mid range torque over my slip on , so guessing it's all back pressure related . any thing to add gents ?
  13. dugancFz1

    Gen II Two Bros slip on, Corbin Saddle

    TwoBros Titanium black series slip on with P1-X sound suppresor, bought 1yr ago, about 4k miles on this. $350 shipped to lower 48. Corbin leather seat, bought used on here last year, in good condition, few minor marks $160 Shipped to the lower 48.
  14. delbert


    Anyone prefer the stocker over a slip on ?
  15. R

    "Shorty" slip ons?

    Is anyone on here running a shorty slip on pipe? I'm looking for something small, the louder the better. I've seen several "shorty" style slip ons but can't seem to find any information from anyone that has one. Thanks, Spencer
  16. SteadyEddie

    Slip on....

    anyone have or no of someone with a Coffman Shorty?
  17. SteadyEddie

    Gen 1 FZ1 Yoshi TRS slip on

    Gen 1 FZ1 Yoshi TRS slip on. Came with the bike, according to po, has been repacked once. Has small scratches on rivets/badge, weird dent? on can. I believe he got the slip on from a friend who went back to stock. Also a GPS holder, screws into the mirror hole,cruise control device, and some GPS...
  18. R

    slip on exhaust 07 question

    I just got this bike (07) and was thinking about doing a slip on exhaust. I know this bike has that ezup exhaust valve thing, if I remove that for a slip on will I loose low end power? I am not a 100% sure what the thing does but I thought I read a while back it suppoed to give it more low end...
  19. S

    Any interest in a two bros slip on?

    PM me for details
  20. Scottyd's FZ1

    Scottyd's FZ1

    Scottyd's FZ1 with the Akrapovic slip on and a Penske shock fitted in Sydney.