1. P

    Hello From Torbay Newfoundland

    Just picked up this 2008 on Sunday. Always wanted an FZ1 just never came across the right deal. It only has 14000km on it and its all stock. Needs a set of tires and I'm gonna put a new set of brake pads on it for my own peace of mind and an oil change. Looking forward to putting some miles on...
  2. A

    luggage suggestions

    Hi all, I'm picking up a Gen II a few states away and riding it home. I'll be on the bike for close to a week, so I need to set it up with some luggage. Ideally, I'd like to get a rear rack that I can strap a dry bag to, and then set up some soft saddlebags. My questions are these: 1...
  3. F

    FZ1 Gen II Sargent seat set

    Excellent condition Sargent seat set for Gen II bike. $250+shipping
  4. L

    04 FZ1 fairings

    Hello everyone. I have an 04 FZ1 and am looking for full set of fairings. I can't seem to find them anywhere. If anyone has any clue where to find them or has a set, let me know. Thanks you.

    Fatbar risers

    I'm looking to go to fatbars on my 1st gen and was wondering what everyone is using. Right now I have stock risers that have been flipped around with a set of mini bend MX bars that are good everywhere except width. I'm looking for a set of risers that can be offset to either the front or rear...
  6. Dustin

    Dunlop USA $40 Rebate Promo - March 15 to April 30, 2017

    $40 mail-in rebate on a set of Dunlop Q3, Roadsmart III, American Elite or Elite 4. See to submit via promo code DUN_NATMAR
  7. Delta

    Fork service questions

    Hello guys So I've done almost everything to my ride other than change the fork oil. What I am wanting to know is... For a FZ1-n 2006- 1. What weight oil is best to use ? 5 or 7.5 2. How much oil in each leg? 500+ml ? 3. The air gap? 140mm I think I read somewhere there any fork...
  8. ballmead

    Rizoma Veloce Naked Mirrors

    I bought a set of Rizoma Veloce naked mirrors from in italy. Firstly, Carpimoto are awesome; The mirrors were very keenly priced and I received them from Italy to Australia in 3 days. The best part: the shipping was free!! I had a set of Rizoma Tomok mirrors which looked cool...
  9. J

    Ogio luggage set

    Sold! Thanks everyone!
  10. Strider7

    2nd Gen right side rear set & rear brake lever

    Looking for a stock right side rear set (the big bracket thing that the rear brake lever mounts to) and the aforementioned rear brake lever. I'm in Texas. Just checking to see if anyone might have these used and in decent shape, maybe as takeoffs because they upgraded) before I order new ones.
  11. Dustin

    Bridgestone BT-023

    Bridgestone has opted to re-release this tire and run it parallel to the T30 EVO as a longer life, more touring-oriented alternative. I just purchased a set for my VFR to take advantage of a $50 VISA rebate card, bringing a pair down to $230 CAD (~$175 USD) which is a great value for a tire...
  12. C

    GEN 2 brake calipers

    Hello, Wanted Left side Gen 2 front brake caliper. I wouldn't mind buying the Left & Right set too if available...! Cheers Aditya
  13. R

    WTB- Gen 1 Forks

    As the title says, looking for a set of Gen 1 FZ1 forks. Thanks
  14. E

    Parts For Sale

    All Sold, Thanks
  15. Dustin

    Pirelli USA $40/20 Rebate Promo - March 1 to May 31, 2016

    [Pirelli] Visa Promo - US 2016
  16. Dustin

    Metzeler USA $50 Rebate Promo - Feb 1 to April 30, 2016

    [Metzeler] Visa promo 2016 - US
  17. delbert

    Gen2 fork seals and brakes

    Hi Blew a front fork seal today , it's pouring out , question is , are they simple enough to do ? I did my Hayabusa ones some years ago ,are all USD forks much the same set up or am I better sending them off ? Also the front brakes started binding do I need a special tool to undo the caps to...
  18. P

    Tuners help me! Safe AFR for cruising range 4500~6500 RPM

    Hi all! What would be a safe AFR to set on my cruising map? 14, 14.5 what do you think? I want to set it up in a safe zone for the bike and of course get good MPG (at least better than the sport stage 2 map) for the cruising range 4500 to 6500 RPM. My mods: * Akrapovic * Air filter mod * K&N...
  19. NJFZ1

    F/S: Gen II Pazzo Levers

    For sale is a set of Pazzo Racing levers for the Gen II. These are the long style in black with black adjusters so they will match any color bike. Excellent condition. No scratches or rash. $110 shipped CONUS. PayPal preferred. PM or post on here if interested.
  20. Lonney

    FOR SALE SOUPYS adjustable RAISING LINK $45 plus shipping

    I purchased it used from a member and it was set for 3/4 of an inch higher and it worked out great.