1. F

    My ride on the dyno

    Did a test run today, was not disappointed
  2. R

    Fine Tuning Holeshot Stage 1 with comp 1 header

    Does anyone know what modifications to the carbs need to be done to the holeshot stage 1 kit when the full header is used? Just installed it over the weekend but it seems like its lacking power but maybe thats just me. I want it to run perfect. There was no advice on what changes need to be...
  3. Blanchy

    Drag Race

    Got a short Video of a recent run. Sounds good.
  4. Klurejr

    Can you run Michelin Commander's on a Sport Bike?

    I recently installed Michelin Commander's on my Yamaha VStar 1300 Touring. The tires seem to last nearly 20k miles on a big heavy cruiser, and feel very planted at high speeds and in the twisties. Can tires like this be installed on an FZ-1? Will any shops install them? I am really more...
  5. H

    16-47 Gearing, 02 FZ1

    Its time to replace the chain on my 02 FZ1 and I want to gear it down slightly as well. According to the gearing commander calculations going down 1 tooth in the front (15-44) would be an ideal setup. However I'd rather not run a smaller countershaft sprocket because it will accelerate wear on...
  6. silentcropduster

    1/4mi run at the track -11.55 @ 127.08 & the ultimate pucker factor

    Due to the officials being worthless pieces of s*** and not properly prepping the track (poured rain the day b4 the race) I almost lost it, not cool, and the ultimate pucker factor! They ended up shutting it down after about 4 bikes about bit the dust and taking 30mins 2 prep the track better...
  7. Delta

    Sub throttle flies modded or run without them?

    Hi fellas just a quick one. How many of you have removed the sub throttle flies and how many have modded flies? I am at the moment been running with copperdawgs modded flies. My tuner has tweeted my ECU to run without them to see how I like it. I'm yet to take them out as I'm waiting to fit my...
  8. fazertazer1

    Copperdawg speedscreen with aftermarket mx bars

    So im thinking i wanna get the copperdawg speedscreen. I really like the look and the turbulance is supossed to be gone. I also want to run a set of mx bars or possibly rizoma bars. Does anyone know if the combination of the speedscreen and mx style bars will clash. Ive heard rumors that the...
  9. Blanchy

    Drag Race set up?

    Planning on a Race for Real at Sydney Dragway (to race my nephew) Thinking it might be useful to run a lower rear tire pressure? Also jack up the rear preload? Any suggestions?