1. F

    Gen 2 Accessories - Shock, Saddle bags

    Gen 2 Accessories - Matris Shock, Saddle bags Matris rear shock, MY106.1KD. Setup for 215 lbs. rider, 125N/mm spring rate, 320mm length. Has spring preload and rebound adjust. Has about 250 miles on it. Very nicely made unit, great improvement over stock shock. $350 plus shipping. Shock...
  2. J

    Need Gen II after market seat

    Looking for front and rear, thanks
  3. C

    2006 Yamaha FZ1 near Baltimore $3300 OBO

    Selling my 2006 Yamaha FZ1! $3300 I've had the bike since 2012 and it rides great! No crashes/damage, great power, great suspension! Front tire has probably 500 miles on it, rear is still in good shape. Mods: Yoshimura full exhaust system Frame sliders R6 front forks with calipers...
  4. N

    Fs 2012 fz1n- $6500

    Bike is very clean with low miles- ~8000. >Carbon Fiber Belly Pan ( Made in Italy) >CNC Aluminum Black Adjustable Levers (Brake and Clutch) >Two Brothers Black Series Carbon Fiber Exhaust >Integrated LED Stop/Turn signal light. >Single FZ1N Headlight with all the needed hardware...
  5. delbert

    Rear suspension dog bone

    Hi guys Is it normal to have a bit of play in the rear dog bone? I've just replaced the bearings etc as they were quite badly worn but there is still a small amount of play
  6. G

    Hi from Kent

    Hi, I'm new here, bought my 57plate (2007) FZ!s in July 2018. Must say I am really enjoying it especially since doing some modifications which include the following; PC111, O2 blank, AIS removal, Akrapovic exhaust system, air-box mod, free flow filter, rear seat cowl, slightly higher Renthal...
  7. M

    Looking for best place to buy some trick bits

    Instagram has given me loads of ideas for making the fz1 a bigger beast. Finding it hard to find some nice mirrors! Also would like a new rear light with intergrated indicators to tidy the rear. Loads of other bits I think I found already, rear sets, exhaust bracket to remove my pillion...
  8. T

    Urgent: Need to buy a rear tire in Saskatoon for the Fz1 gen 2

    Does anyone know of a motorcycle store that sells and mounts the rear 190/50/17 tire for the Fz1? Or alternatively selling their new or somewhat used tire? I am on a cross country ride and need the tire replaced before heading on. I think I maybe able to make it to Regina if there is a...
  9. FTL900

    WTB ASAP Gen1 rear brake system

    Please delete this post. Found the parts I need, please delete this post.
  10. D

    Rear shock wanted

    Looking for a Gen 2 rear shock in decent condition.
  11. C

    2Gen Wilber’s rear shock, like new, only has 2000km

    Hey guys, I sold my 2011 FZ1 and I have this awesome rear shock available to purchase. This is a Wilber’s 640 Series that was custom valved and built for my needs. If you are a bigger guy like me (230lbs) who has travel cases on the bike and occasionally has a passenger in the back and hate...
  12. ghetto_d

    R1 / FZ1 Wheels, Tires, etc. (OEM) Black

    PN: 5VY-25168-00-98, 5VY-25338-00-98 This set of wheels is off one of my 2007 R1. 400mi on wheels. Black. No stripes. Basically perfect; 1 small scuff on front lip. Matching tires (pilots) - front tire has 400mi, rear has 0mi – HOWEVER, they are getting older (the front is what was on it...
  13. johnnyontherocks

    I'm back on a Yamaha 1000

    Well this season Ill be racing and coaching on a 2016 R1. I built it for a customer at a shop I work for. He fell on hard times so I got it at a steal. 2016 1,450 miles. Armour Bodies body work, Brembo 19x18, Brembo T Drive rotors, Translogic Qs Auto blip and pit lane warm up,Evol tech rear sets...
  14. falcon_6


  15. I

    WTB: 2nd gen OEM rear fender (plate mount) with signals

    I am looking for an OEM rear fender and signals. Bringing bike back to stock for sale. Looking for as cheap as possible. I am in zip code 55024 (Farmington, MN).
  16. N

    WTB: Damaged Gen 2 Parts

    looking for damaged Gen 2 parts that are still in useable condition. If it will bolt up I will use it. Fairings, engine covers, forks, wheels, handlebars(can be bent), muffler, rear subframe, seat, etc....Scratches are ok.....perfection not necessary! Let me know what you have!
  17. Rx_FZ1

    2006/2008 FZ1 & R1 mods for sale!

    PARTS My 2006 FZ1 was totaled out by insurance. So I'm parting it out and selling all my Mods. All prices include shipping within the US. I can text, email, or PM pictures just ask. Lush Racing 30mm lowering link - 40.00 SOLD Adjustable kickstand - 30.00 SOLD 08 R1 Forks 250.00 SOLD...
  18. Rx_FZ1

    2006/2008 FZ1 & R1 mods for sale!

    Wrong thread. See classifieds Gen 2
  19. Dustin

    Dunlop Q3+

    Dunlop has finally updated the Q3! From their website:
  20. T

    WTB FZ1 Rear Shock

    Looking for a FZ1 rear shock to swap into my 2011 FZ8. Preferably from somewhere in Canada.