1. P

    oil leak from weep hole in the oil pann

    hello i have problem with smal oil leak from the weep hole in the oil pann .i have take the pann off and change the gasket and both seals in the pipe betwen oil pann and the water pump .buy original part from a dealer .ican not see any damage or strange things .its only leak when you take it...
  2. C

    Abs light problem after battery change

    Hi guys. My friend battery died on her -07 fz1. Change it to a new battery. After this the abs light start flashing and after a few seconds it stops but still on. Anyone had this problem before? Maybe if we have to go in the diagnostics mode and reset something? Thanks in advance
  3. A

    Severe jerking RPM

    Severe jerking throttle Sorry for wasting your time.
  4. J

    Off then on throttle lag 5k-6krpm

    Hi all, Hoping for some advice... My bike following having the throttle bodies out and a ECU remap has a lag and a backfire between 5-6k rpm, but only when i come completely off throttle and then back on. All other rev ranges are ok. I previously decat the pipe, mivv suono end can and Lars...
  5. Kang

    Battery or ?????

    Hi, Bike would not start for my commute home last night so had to get a jump done. Charged the battery (yusa) overnight 12hr, put it back on and she fired no problem this morning. Now.....when I got on the bike to get the centre stand down and drive off the bike completely died???? Turned...
  6. Delta

    Gen2. Hi temp displayed, immobiliser flashing. Won’t start..?

    Hi guys I have a problem. Gen2 2007 bike. Was out yesterday and the bike was fine. It started and run ok on two start/stop trips up/down the motorway. I parked up in a service station the last time and after being left for an hour it wouldn’t re-start.. Key in ignition alarm turned off ready...
  7. FZ1inTX

    Might throw in the towel... for now

    I thought that moving to Texas would afford me more riding time. I thought the weather change from NH would entice me to be out on the bike more. I thought, since I'd bought a brand-new home, I'd have nothing but time on my hands with no projects to do. I was wrong in so many ways... on too...
  8. D

    2005 FZ1 EXUP Failure - Bad Ignitor/ECU?

    Hey Folks, I've got a 2005 FZ1 with an EXUP valve problem. I swung by my local shop today after suddenly having very little power at around 5k-5.5k RPMs on the highway, and we did a few diagnostics. The shop manual says to replace the Ignitor unit based on the troubleshooting steps, and we...
  9. F

    Review for FZ1 ?

    Hello, I would like to buy a FZ1. I'm find à FZ1S GT with 30 000 km. I'm read in french forum a problem on rotor and stator (alternator ?). Have you ever met the problem? Is this really the problem at the root ? I'm view this bike and i' loving it ! Thanks for your reply, Nico.
  10. B

    Bike pulling left - FZ1N

    Hello all, I've read a few threads with a similar theme to this, but none seem to specify the root of the problem. My bike is a 2008 FZ1N - 8000 miles, never dropped/damaged. It tracks/pulls to the left when weight is off the bars. It requires a slight push of the right handlebar to keep...
  11. super googan

    Bad Coils

    Add me to the list of members with a failed coil. Bike has had an intermittent stumble or hiccup at low rpm for a longgggg time. Never could trace the problem. When the issue was minor the temp difference between all 4 cylinders was only 20F. Last week she started sounding like a triple at...
  12. Delta

    Generator / altinator problems

    Ok guys just out of curiosity how many of you or how many fz1's do you know of that have had the magnets come off the rotor in the generator? Mine destroyed itself and sent magnet fragments into the engine. Apparently there isn't a recall for this common problem wich I think stinks...! So...
  13. speeddemon2588

    Intermittent fuel mileage drop

    Hello All, Recently I have noticed sudden and inconsistent fuel mileage drops from tank to tank. I just pegged 27k running a PC3 USB with out FCE or ECU re-cal. One week I can be averaging 32-35mpg mixed riding, then upon next fill up I can barely manage 25. I'm racking my brain as to...
  14. S

    Just got an FZ1 and I hate it.

    Sorry my first post here is so negative, but I'm honestly baffled, shocked, and disappointed by how much I hate my stock '07 FZ1, a motorcycle I've been interested in for years. The short version is that it's the most uncomfortable motorcycle I've ever ridden, and it gets the worst gas...
  15. D

    Problem with Speedo and temp readings

    Hey guys Been having a prob with the temp reading/sensor lately. Sometimes when I hit the starter, the temp reading jumps from Lo to Hi immediately, with the amber engine lights lit up. And the bike cranks but doesn't start. Another one is that, the speedo went wonky the other day...