1. P

    oil leak from weep hole in the oil pann

    hello i have problem with smal oil leak from the weep hole in the oil pann .i have take the pann off and change the gasket and both seals in the pipe betwen oil pann and the water pump .buy original part from a dealer .ican not see any damage or strange things .its only leak when you take it...
  2. K

    2001 FZ1 Oil Issue

    I recently bought a first gen fz1, which runs and sounds good. When I drained the oil it looked milky, and when I put new oil in, there were white streaks that showed in the oil gauge. I also just replaced the filter, but the white streaks are still there. Not sure if it is water, coolant...
  3. timalstonART

    2008 FZ1 fork oil

    My 2008 FZ1 has just hit 30,000kms and I'm about to change the fork oil. What is the best weight oil to use? I'm 80kg dripping wet and like a "spirited" ride. 5w, 7.5w or 10w?
  4. Rx_FZ1

    2006 Yamaha FZ1 Motor Part Out

    All the items are off a 2006 fz1 with 14k. All parts are in excellent condition. From a parted out motor due to a broken shift rod. All items are OBO and ships free! They are listed on ebay as well, with pictures. I can PM/text pictures to forum members if you would like to avoid eBay, I know I...
  5. 2

    High revs= fuel in oil pan

    Hello everybody I recently purchased a 2006 yamaha FZ1 and i was hoping this wouldnt be my first post but sadly it is. The bike has an upgraded sprocket and an ecu flash. I was merging onto the highway in first gear, had to accelerate because of traffic and and i look down at my speedo and i...
  6. Delta

    Fork service questions

    Hello guys So I've done almost everything to my ride other than change the fork oil. What I am wanting to know is... For a FZ1-n 2006- 1. What weight oil is best to use ? 5 or 7.5 2. How much oil in each leg? 500+ml ? 3. The air gap? 140mm I think I read somewhere 4.is there any fork...
  7. S

    Bought a new to me gen 1 possibly running rich

    Hey guys, just probing brains of the willing. I got a new me gen 1. It has a clear title but is was thoroughly wrecked. Still a good running and riding bike, the forks are slightly out of true and that is the worst of it. Although it seems to run rich, maybe because its burning Earl through the...
  8. Bogie

    EvoTech Radiator and Oil Cooler Covers

    EvoTech Radiator and Oil Cooler Covers on my FZ10
  9. J

    Gen 2 Oil Filler Plug

    I'm thinking of replacing the stock oil filler plug on my Gen2 with an aftermarket item. Can anyone confirm the diameter / thread pitch for the plug, please?
  10. M

    Anchor point for oil plug safety wire

    When safety wiring the oil plug, what do you guys use as an anchor point? I don't see anything obvious nearby.
  11. Chameleon

    Gen II oil light on.

    ok so for the last week or so my oil light has been blinking. I did the research that I could so I'm aware that it's an oil level light and the oil window is full. I was told that it could be the censor wire at a bad angle or something along those lines. Problem is I'm kind of a newb with the...
  12. A

    Oil light coming on Gen1?

    It comes on sometimes for 1-5 minutes, I have no idea why. Plenty of oil. What could use this. It happened today while riding down the highway when I was good and warmed up, I had been riding for about an hour straight in 80 degree weather so that's not it, is this something I should worry about?
  13. A

    Weird creaking sound, what did i do now?

    Ok, so I went today to wash, clean and lube the chain and then do my first oil change. At first while doing the oil change, I thought the manual was referring to the drain bolt as being on the right side. Near the oil view hole, just in front, there are a couple of bolts. One is labelled 7...
  14. D

    New FZ1 Gen1 owner

    Hi everyone, I just got back into riding after a pause of about 6 years due to general life stuff. I just bought an '01 FZ1 with 40k miles (!!). I live in Mexico and these were not officially sold here, so I don't have many choices; however, this one looks well cared for despite the high...
  15. F

    fz1 leak from weep hole

    Alright guys, got a 06 fz1 with only 8500 miles on it, i noticed a wierd burning smell and sure enough there something all over the bottom of the oil pan and its dripping on the exhaust, not sure if its oil or coolant. From what ive researched it could be seals in the waterpump. Can i get to the...
  16. T

    How to change Engine Oil on Gen 2 FZ1

    I recorded my engine oil + filter change and uploaded to YouTube (linked below). Figured it maybre of use to someone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xG6e4Oj9aQk
  17. Evitzee

    Another dumb oil question.....Shell Rotella T6

    I've been using Shell Rotella T6 Full Synthetic in my FZ1 for five years with no issues. It's time for a spring oil change so I dropped by the local Walmart and picked up the familiar blue gallon jug of T6 for the usual price of $21.36/gallon. Upon inspection in my garage I see the designation...
  18. J

    Oil leak help ----- Newbie

    I just bought my 2001 FZ1 about a month ago for a fairly cheap price. It has high mileage as well. I started to notice small drops of oil on the ground when I parked it in my garage. I took off the chain cover and this is what I see. Bottom Any advice will be helpful since I...
  19. C

    Fork Oil

    Hello, short but sweet.. what fork oil do people use in their forks on your FZ1's?
  20. AJEsquire

    rubber pieces popping out on the engine....

    Rode for three hours...when I got home there was...what I believe to be oil all over the right side of the motor...I also noticed the two black half circles were not flush with the engine anymore....I pushed those in. So I assumed that the oil came out of those half circles? But the bigger...