1. silentcropduster

    Parts for sale!

    OEM kickstand, 100% working $30 shipped Givi soft bag support/spacers $60 shipped. OEM rear taillight reflector $20 shipped OEM headers, mint, no rust (not pictured) $ make me an offer Stator cover bolts, $ make me an offer Sylvania silver star bulbs, barely used, bulb glass...
  2. terry_b

    FS or trade: Top Sellerie and OEM seats for your Corbin or Dirt Road seats

    I currently have the Top Sellerie seats (from France) that are absolutely gorgeous on the bike, but about 8/10 for comfort. The Top Sellerie seat feels really good, nice and firm, but I think that the Corbin is a more comfortable shape for my bum. I'll sell them in the interest of getting Corbin...
  3. terry_b

    FS: OEM fender assembly

    I have an OEM fender assembly that I sincerely doubt will EVER get re-installed. Maybe $25 OBO and cover shipping? Rear turn signals are not included, but everything else is there. Taken off the bike when it was new for the fender eliminator.
  4. terry_b

    Corbin Rear seat w/backrest, OEM seats (both), V-Stream touring windshield FS

    FS or trade: OEM seats/Top Sellerie seats(both), V-Stream touring windshield UPDATE EDIT: PLEASE Delete, New thread added for clarity I am looking to buy a nice Corbin seat. I have both OEM seats that I really don't need anymore. Make me a fair offer for those that covers shipping and they're...
  5. silentcropduster

    WTB: gen2 OEM sprockets (17t/45t) and stock size chain (530 pitch, 122 link)

    I'm in need of a new chain, might as well do the sprockets too while I'mm at it. Before I buy it from somewhere else, might anyone have brand new OEM size counter sprocket, rear sprocket, or chain that they are looking to get rid of? I know it's a long shot but LMK - thanks!
  6. I

    WTB: 2nd gen OEM rear fender (plate mount) with signals

    I am looking for an OEM rear fender and signals. Bringing bike back to stock for sale. Looking for as cheap as possible. I am in zip code 55024 (Farmington, MN).
  7. 5

    Looking for a 2nd gen windscreen

    So, I screwed up my OEM screen and want something shorter than my touring screen for summer. Looking for an OEM or like size clear, smoke or light smoke windscreen for a second gen. Price: <$50 depending on condition Location: Just outside Austin, Tx Thanks CK
  8. DenArnold

    GEN2 forks + brake Callipers + frontbrake pump

    After my front fork conversion (using an R1 front fork, brake callipers and pump) I'm clearing out my cupboard and selling off the originam OEM GEN2 front forks and brakes 1.Fork set SOLD. Axle available 20€ 2. Set of front axial brake callipers SOLD 3. OEM front brake pump with adjustable...
  9. C

    OEM Tool Kit or something similar

    Hey everyone. I have a 2011 FZ1N and it did not come with the tool kit that comes with the bike. The previous owner misplaced it. I have a couple of long country rides coming up and want to be prepared. I have done some searching on the net but am having no luck. Does anyone know if and where...
  10. PrivateAxis

    OEM Rear Shock for Gen II

    I need to replace my 06 OEM rear shock with a newer one. If you have one that you replaced with something more exotic, please let me know how many miles are on it, what year bike it came from, and how much you want for it. Thanks!
  11. ghetto_d

    WTB GenII mirrors, OEM, mint

    Looking for a pair of minty fresh OEM genII mirrors. Mine are scuffed up from brushing against who knows what. Anyone have some take offs?
  12. IBcivic

    GEN2 Stock length Speigler braided lines (front) , Oem calipers (front), Oem m/cyl

    Did the R1 fork/caliper/master cylinder conversion and now my brake lines are too short.. FS: A pair of stock length Speigler braided lines + banjo bolts (1 season of use) Hose is "smoke", fittings are "titanium color"> SOLD! Oem front calipers> SOLD! Oem front master cylinder (oem lever)...
  13. Delta

    Rectifier regulater OEM or after market?

    So I was over a 100 miles from home and the engine management light comes on followed by the dash shutting down not long after. Anyway it turns out the rectifier regulater has had its day and packed in.. My question is do you fit the expensive OEM unit or a good quality after market unit. ...
  14. J

    Some free FZ1 bits - Melbourne pickup only

    Unfortunately I wrote off my FZ1 last year and I have the following bits n bobs hanging around that aren't worth selling, so first person who wants them can have them, the only catch is that you have to collect them (I live near the CBD) and you have to take the lot :) All parts came off my...
  15. D

    Need to find an OEM '09 rears

    This is the first forum I have tried to use. Help me out if I mess it up. I bought an '09 FZ1 with beautiful after market rearset that is too ergonomically tight for me. I'm looking to trade or buy an OEM set, complete. Where do I go on this forum for help?
  16. T

    Great site.. any suggestions on 2008 FZ1 Upper fairings??

    I need to replace my upper fairing cowl. I have researched and prices that I have found range from $170 on fleabay to $344 for oem plus cost of decals on other sites. Has anyone ever bought a replacement upper fairing for their fz1 off fleabay? The u.s. seller on there says it's the same as...
  17. Deftone

    R6 OEM Shock

    Sold pending funds.
  18. meinschaft

    OEM Gen II Fairing

    I'm looking at buying an OEM fairing from Partshark. The parts diagram shows it as an assembly with many other related parts. So far I've not been able to get an answer from the Partshark people as to whether all those parts come with the fairing. 2008 Yamaha FZ1 (FZS10XGY) Cowling 1 |...
  19. cos_fz1

    16 tooth front sprocket, Yamaha OEM

    ********The Item is no longer available ************ I have a never opened Yamaha OEM 16 tooth front sprocket, part number: 4XV-17460-00-00 that I am not going to use. Just shoot me a check for maybe $8 shipping and I will drop it in the mail for you. Thanks Peter
  20. A

    WTK Best Match Engine Paint for Silver Gen1

    I recently bought a 2002 Gen 1 from a fellow board member here in Atlanta. I really like the bike, but the clutch case was badly scarred where a previous owner had a laid it down. This would not be such a big problem if every single dork that takes a look at my bike did not feel the need to...