1. ballmead

    Rizoma Veloce Naked Mirrors

    I bought a set of Rizoma Veloce naked mirrors from in italy. Firstly, Carpimoto are awesome; The mirrors were very keenly priced and I received them from Italy to Australia in 3 days. The best part: the shipping was free!! I had a set of Rizoma Tomok mirrors which looked cool...
  2. M

    WTB: Gen 1 fender eliminator and speedo bracket for naked conversion

    These are the final 2 parts missing from my naked conversion, looking to complete everything up :)
  3. PapaGeno21

    Concourse 14?

    Anyone driven one? Know if they are any good? I really like the look of them. Just curious about them. I think my dream setup would be my FZ1 naked and getting an FJR or C14 or the like and doing the long rides on that. Any opinions are welcome!
  4. PapaGeno21

    Do I want to be naked?

    So im not sure but im debating on ditching my fairing. How much wind do you experience naked? I would assume its clean air so no buffeting. Any input is appreciated thanks!
  5. Dicko

    Aligning headlight on a Naked

    Help aligning headlight on a naked Hi guys, I need to re-align my headlight. I should have taken a stock setting before upgrading suspension & going to a 55 on the rear, but I didn't think about it until after noticing the headlight points lower than it should. Can someone with a stock...
  6. 2

    Naked and clean.

    The old FZ hadn't had a good wash for a while.
  7. n.e.mich

    Naked bikes..................

    Am I the last person on Earth who doesn't like them?
  8. Modern - SemiRetro - Retro

    Modern - SemiRetro - Retro

  9. S

    F/S: Naked Speedo Cover (Yamaha)

    Sold! (01-02-2014) Genuine Yamaha Speedometer cover for those FZ1N naked conversions. Brand New, still in original packing. Taking up space in my garage! Asking: $8.00 + Shipping Thank you for looking! Scott [email protected] Photo:
  10. 0026


  11. 001


  12. F

    2009 US Naked conversion. help.

    My 09 FZ1 and I want to lose the half-fairing and make it FZ1N. Does anyone know what, where and how to get the necessary parts in the US? Remember seeing somewhere someone ordered them from the UK. I'd prefer new OEM Yamaha parts, but if good quality aftermarket exists, that may work as well...
  13. R

    Headlight Conversion kit for Gen1.

    Does anybody know of a headlight conversion kit for a gen 1 FZ1? I really liked the Euro kit from part shark but they told me it only works with 2006 and later, disappointing. Ive seen some pretty cool looking pics of Gen1 headlight mods but dont know where I would be able to find a good kit...
  14. FZ1 N Monoposto

    FZ1 N Monoposto

  15. Common MBOM

    Common MBOM

    My Fizzer
  16. My FZ1-Semi N

    My FZ1-Semi N

  17. My FZ1-Semi N

    My FZ1-Semi N

  18. My FZ1-Semi N

    My FZ1-Semi N

  19. My FZ1-Semi N

    My FZ1-Semi N

  20. My FZ1-Semi N

    My FZ1-Semi N