1. FZ1inTX

    Might throw in the towel... for now

    I thought that moving to Texas would afford me more riding time. I thought the weather change from NH would entice me to be out on the bike more. I thought, since I'd bought a brand-new home, I'd have nothing but time on my hands with no projects to do. I was wrong in so many ways... on too...
  2. Klurejr

    iPad Prius Driver

    Nothing to see here.... Move along.... Blows me away.
  3. B

    Competition Werkes FE kit. New. Need to move.

    Good evening guys/gals. I have been a member on the FZ6 forum for a while. A few moderatorshots can vouch for me. In a continuing effort to clean out our shop, I found this new, Competition Werkes Fender Eliminator for a 2001-2005 FZ1. This looks to be a 130.00 FE kit. I would like to sell...
  4. FZ1inTX

    No time...

    for riding! This is very sad to say but I've had the 2013 bike since I bought it new with zero miles for one year now. Last night, I managed to crest 2,020 miles on the ODO... one year.... I've never owned a bike and put so few miles on it! Life happened, so much going on right now...
  5. silentg

    what exactly does this do????

    ok, so on the clutch side there is this which is obviously a switch but what does it do and what is supposed to move the plunger?
  6. FZ1inTX

    2014 Christmas presents for your bike?

    What did Santa bring you this year for your bike? Not just the FZ1, but any of them? Or did he bring you a new bike? This year, I'm about out of possible mods for mine. I had the full compliment to move over from the '09 to the new '13. I still need to put on the Euro Scoops and the...