1. T

    09 First Mods

    Im a 53 yr old rider from WI with about 45 yrs riding some sort of bike or another. Last bike was a 01 TL1000R and i picked up my 09 FZ1 last summer. Riding here consist of slabbing for an hour to get to the curvey roads and with that in mind I want to do a small batch of mods to pick up a shot...
  2. R

    Need help with installing aftermarket alarm/remote engine start

    Hello people, This is my first post here after a long time just reading. So tomorrow I am going to install the alarm. After watching this tutorial on youtube : I understand that I am supposed to get a resistor of certain specs to get the remote...
  3. FZ1inTX

    Brenda's BMW F 700 GS

    I was searching the forum for your GS Brenda and only found the initial pic. Can you please post a review, new pics, the mods you've done, etc? A few of you know I'm looking for a new ride for my wife. All the searches for a proper sport bike for the vertically challenged all point back to...
  4. S

    Trying to reverse mods to increase MPG

    Hey all, I bought an FZ1 on Oct that already had a bunch of mods on it. The MPG is high 20s which is barely better than my 4Runner so I'd like to reverse a select one or two mods which will have the biggest impact on MPG. But I'm not savvy enough to know what impacts it the most. Here's what I...
  5. C

    Headlight modification turn signals in headlight! Tell me what you think! Have tail lights also I'm modifying Thanks!
  6. R

    My new to me Gen 1

    I haven't posted much on here so I thought I would start a thread about my bike. Its a 2002 that I purchased off of the orig owner about 3 months ago with 12000 miles on it. It was 100% stock with only one exception the seat was worked on a bit by his brother. Anyway I have been doing mods...
  7. dschult2

    New member from Michigan

    Hello All! I just wanted to finally take the time to introduce myself. I bought a stock FZ1 back in August after having an FZ6 for the last few years. She is a 2009 in granite gray. She had about 8000 miles on her but I have since put on about 1000 more before tucking her away for the...
  8. L

    Fz1 showroom (pictures,mods & more)

    As a proud new FZ1 owner I would love to see what everyone has done to their FZ1's and create this forum as a SHOWROOM for your bikes. PLEASE post any pics you have of your bike and MODS you have added. My FZ1: Mods from previous owner- full Yoshimura exhaust, power commander, custom seat...
  9. L


    My wife just got my a 2013 Yamaha FZ1 with mods for my birthday. It only has 3800 miles on it. Here are some pics. I am still in shock. The first mods i will do will be Fender Eliminator, LED tail lights, probably change the exhaust to Graves Oval.
  10. L

    BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT EVER!! (FZ1) PICs, mods, etc...

    My wife got me a 2013 Yamaha FZ1 with mods for my birthday.... Im still in disbelief.. Anyway, here are some pictures of my new bike. Current MODS are: Custom seat Yoshimura full exhaust Power commander Im already thinking of what I want to change and add to the bike. Obviously getting...
  11. K

    FZ1s from Belgium

    Hey everyone I'm Kim from Belgium 30 years old male. I recently bought a fz1s 2009 to replace my Aprilia rsv mille. I wanted something that rides well on lower speeds but still packs enough punch. Also the riding position is more relaxed here so I'm quite happy. Been reading a lot about...
  12. C

    FZ1 2007 for sale - All the mods done 154RWHP

    Hello All, Time to move on on my beloved FZ-1 2007. I have done all the mods and it's producing a strong 154RWHP dynoed on Blais Cycle South Florida. I'm asking U$4300 if cash and I'm looking ot trade in on a Ducati Diavel, here is the link for check pictures...
  13. C

    Hello everyone, finally got a FZ1!!

    Hey everyone, I've been lurking around this forum for a while and I must say that it has influenced my decision to buy the FZ1 so now that I have one I thought I better sign up!! Brought a 2011 FZ1N, managed to find this one a few months ago, it had only done 4000km. Its in great condition...
  14. E

    2001 FZ1 mods complete

    Hi guys just posted sum pics of my summer project. Did a lot of work on a 2001FZ1 and pretty happy with the results. Please if ya get time take a peek at the bike let me know what ya think n maybe gimme a few more ideas. It's in the FZ1 mods gallery under ericnerpel FZ1 mods. Thanks guys love...
  15. silentcropduster

    Gen II, 05 R1 shock, Satan V4, 190-195lb rider looking 4 suggestions on suspension

    21 (top) compression 24 (bottom) rebound (ill double check but i think the #'s are right) I have it set in the middle for both currently, bike feels 1000 times better than stock already. If you are a 190-195lb rider with the same mods.....what did you set yours too? I know it might...
  16. A

    Gen 1 Mirror Mods

    Looking for Gen 1 mirror options to get rid of stock. Whats out there?
  17. G

    Fitting Scotoiler V System to FZ1 Fazer 2010

    Hi Everyone, I have just fitted my scotoiler v system with the dual oiler to my Fazer and thought it would be useful to share some pictures to help anyone else.
  18. J

    Big weekend of mods ahead - asking for last minute pointers

    Hi Guys, I have finally received all the parts for my next round of mods and I think I have done all the research I will be needing but I thought I would just put it out there and ask the members for any last minute pointers and for any trouble spots I should plan for. I have received the...
  19. ferraiolo1

    My gen 1 project

    I figured i would post up my project with some details, since just about everything that I have done to it I learned from this forum. Before I bought the bike I had a ZX6E, after selling that I really wanted an R1 but after many speeding tickets my insurance didn't like that idea. My buddy had...
  20. B

    Fz1 Fairings

    I just got my 2001 Fz1 and want to put fairing onto it. Does anyone know what fairings would fit and where i would be able to get them from?