1. B

    bought a clean 07 fz1

    i purchased a 2007 yamaha fz1 from a man who is 76years young lol. he has owned the bike for a year and has rode it a total of 500 miles. it has about 23000 miles on the clock .i won't be picking up the bike until thursday the bike has a slip on exhaust and looks stock except for that. the...
  2. 1

    For sale 2012 FZ1 with 1300 miles $5800. Washington state.

    Sold. Hello, I have a 2012 white FZ1 for sale. I'm the original owner. Bought new in 2014 as a leftover unit. Very small flaw on upper fairing near clutch lever. Other than that its perfect. 1320 miles on it. I'm having surgery soon and need to(don't want to) sell it. This is my second...
  3. 1

    2012 FZ1 with 1300+ miles for sale. $5800. Must sell. Washington.

    I hate to do it but I am forced to sell my bike. 2012 FZ1, white, all stock, original owner. It has 1320 miles on it. Nearly perfect. There is one flaw on the upper fairing that happened during shipping when new. Never down. Always garaged. New battery. I'm facing surgery soon and need to...
  4. P

    Hello from Harrow & Isle of Wight

    Hi Chaps... I use a 2002 FZS Fazer for a regular commute up and down the good old A3. She does it very well, though thanks to UK salt spreading is getting quite tatty. Just of 60,000 miles on the clock and running as sweet as the day she was made. Always on the lookout for other owners to...
  5. S

    Looking at a FZ1 this weekend

    Hey FZ1 owners, I have been eye balling FZ1s (and the VFR1200...) as my next bike for ~5 years, but haven't found one at the right price when I had cash in hand. I saw this one pop up on Craigslist, and am going to look at it this weekend...
  6. KWilson87

    Hi all!

    Hi everyone, Another newbie stepped in to say Hi! I ride a 2005 FZ 1, bought her in spring (it was pre-owned, with 19K miles). Finally joined your community. Cheers!
  7. N

    Revalving Stock FZ1 - Worth it?

    Long time lurker, I have a '08 FZ1 that's long overdue for fork maintenance. Have 53k miles on it, still runs really well. No fork leaks but it's time for a teardown. I have all the stock internals and will be going with a stiffer spring (Racetech 1.0kg). There are revalve options such as...
  8. Erci

    FS: Givi V46 Monokey Top Case 46L

    SOLD: Givi V46 Monokey Top Case 46L Used for several years, but in excellent shape. I always used 303 protectant on it to keep it looking new-ish. Functions as new. I moved up to Givi V56, so I no longer need this one. $130 + actual shipping or pick up for free (can meet you within 100 miles...
  9. Dustin

    Michelin Road 5

    New Pilot Road tire available starting 2018! Michelin decided to drop the Pilot from the Pilot Road series and now are calling them just plain ol' Road. This is the Michelin Road 5: Road 5 marketing PDF write-up They sure do look cool! I want to try 'em!
  10. J

    2010 FZ1 Red. 23,000 miles. Great Condition. South Central PA

    I have a 2010 FZ1 that I bought earlier this summer. It needed some work when I bought it and had a couple of aftermarket components that I took off and put on my '09. Replaced with stock components. Work I did: New steel clutch plates New rear tire New front turn signals Oil Change...
  11. A

    89000 miles on the clock

    I've just done over 89000 miles and apart from a surging issue all seems well. The bike has gone to the stealers for them to check the surging, which i hope will be repairable. My problem is I think i'm in love with my bike and at the moment can't bear the thought of trading up. I'd like to...
  12. Y

    2002 Black FZ1 in Middle TN

  13. T

    New member with a new (used) FZ1

    Good morning, all! I've checked this forum out quite a bit recently, and this past Saturday I upgraded from a 2009 Kawasaki ER-6n to a 2014 Yamaha FZ1. Picked it up with just over 5,000 miles on it, but it is in excellent condition! I've had it out the last three days, and will continue to...

    JEFFKISTHENAME'S Build Thread - A Timeline of Growth

    Hello all, A little bit about myself: I've been riding motorcycles since October 2015. I started my riding career with a 2015 Yamaha FZ-07. Since then, I logged 32,000 miles on that bike (I acquired the bike used from my brother. When he gave it to me it had 11,200 miles. It now has over...
  15. loosenut

    New Dunlop Roadsmart 3

    I just got back from my first ride on the new Roadsmart 3 I had mounted on the rear wheel. I have been using the Roadsmart 2. It feels the same as it's predecessor. I road only 110 miles on my favorite local loop, but I was heavy on the throttle while leaned way over. No drama. I still use...
  16. flyboyy

    I just joined the FZ1 family.

    Just picked up a 2014 Yamaha FZ1. pretty amazing machine had fun riding the bike back home 180 mile ride very comfy and smooth. so what things should I be watching out for ? and anyone know a good place for me to find DIY ? bike has 4800 miles.. what should I be doing for maintenance ...
  17. Rx_FZ1

    Buy a new motor or rebuild this one?

    After hours of troubleshooting, disassembling and reassembling the clutch I have come to the conclusion my transmission is shot at 28,000 miles. Gear box is shot, no 4th or 5th gear. Dies in first, will take off in second but with terribly high revs, 3rd is intermittent and cuts out. Only gear...
  18. S

    Pirelli Angel ST tires

    Hey there my fellow FZ1 friends, I just recently had a set of Pirelli Angel ST tires put on my 2010 FZ1 and I definitely would recommend these tires in heartbeat. One note is that I did change the rear size from a 190/50 to a 190/55. For me, the handling has dramatically improved and the...
  19. Klurejr

    Iron Butt Ride - Day 2

    My group ended up only doing the Saddle Sore portion of the ride at 1000 miles in less than 24 hours, so the second day was an easier 200+ miles day.
  20. Erci

    For sale: 2007 Yamaha FZ1 - Central NJ

    SOLD - I was thinking to hold on to this bike, now that I bought a 2015 FJR, but I think I'll need to let it go. It served me incredibly well for 4+ seasons. Bike has never been dropped. 33,9XX miles on odometer. Michelin Pilot Road 2 tires have 2.5k miles on them (I got 12k miles out of my...