1. silentcropduster

    Parts for sale!

    OEM kickstand, 100% working $30 shipped Givi soft bag support/spacers $60 shipped. OEM rear taillight reflector $20 shipped OEM headers, mint, no rust (not pictured) $ make me an offer Stator cover bolts, $ make me an offer Sylvania silver star bulbs, barely used, bulb glass...
  2. D

    exhaust colletts,

    hi im looking for exhaust colletts for my 2007 fz1/n but yamaha dont make them,, is there any other make and model that uses colletts that will fit my exhaust,, my email is [email protected] if u have any advice,,cheers,,
  3. stretched06

    New ride Back at it! Well should be by the end of the month. Taking it apart and checking everything before I make a pass. 2008 zx14, built motor with nos.
  4. Dustin

    Bridgestone BT-016 Pro

    I just picked up a pair of these for the VFR after finding out Bridgestone was offering a sweet $70/pair rebate on them in October. They are getting on towards 7 years old now but Bridgestone keeps producing them and my set is from mid-2016. I imagine these will only go on the bike come late...
  5. F

    Yamaha soft saddle bags (sw mototech blaze)

    I must be missing something for the bag install. Anyone have some pictures of theirs installed? the passenger grab handles make mine fit not quite right. Do you loop Velcro straps thru handles or over the top? Thanks.
  6. Klurejr

    How To Install Oxford Heated Grips on FZ1

    I finally made some time to Install my new Oxford Heated Grips on my 2003 Gen 1 FZ1 last night. I decided to take some pictures during the process in order to write up this quick "how to" thread. The glue is currently in the "24 hours" of recommended cure time, so I have not actually tested the...
  7. Crazyjoe

    Rims for sale Powdered coated rims - complete - make offer - for 2002 FZ1 RED
  8. D

    Flush mounts + lower fairings?

    I have been scouring this site and FZ1OA trying to find any information on flush mount turn signals installed in conjunction with lower fairings. I ordered a cheap set of Hot Bodies signals just to see if I could make them work, but that was fruitless. Is anybody aware of anything? Or have...
  9. A

    This thIng is fast! How do I make it faster?

    I'm impressed, sometime I want a full fairing sport bike, but every time I ride one, nothing short of an r1 impresses me. I know almost nothing, but I do love how there is so much pull all across the rpm range. I rode a ninja zx6rr today and while I loved the looks and the riding position...
  10. R

    Gen 2 parts- Frames/title, rearsets, etc.

    I have a 2013 Gen 2 frame and title, the frame is in excellent shape. There are a few minor scratches on it from me moving it around the shop. It has a title with it, it IS a Salvage/rebuildable Colorado title. So that once you install it on your bike you just go by the Highway Patrol office and...
  11. Oldschool

    The Workshop - What did you do in Yours Today?

    There is usually something that I am working on that doesn't really fit into the Non-FZ motorcycle category, and I'm sure that I'm not alone. I thought that I would make a place for things that you are working on in your Shop, Garage, Man-Cave, etc. My recent examples are improvements to my...
  12. T

    unleashing the beast...

    I can improve my confidence in leaning through adjusting the suspension, setting the sag and replacing the rear tyre with a 55. I am seeking assistance with the adjustments, and will wait until the present rear tyre has worn out before changing it for a taller profile. There is also the...
  13. Oldschool

    October Dawn till' Dusk

    With fall in full swing and a rare warm Thanksgiving weekend coming, I planned a long day (Dawn till Dusk) ride as a sort of Grand Finale to the season. Most of the time trying to get my ridding buddies together for a ride is akin to herding cats, but they must have sensed the impending end to...
  14. R

    FS- Lots of Gen 2 parts, Dan Moto 3D clip ons, etc.

    Gen 2 front seat, excellent shape other than one small tear/nick on the back left corner. You can barely tell its there. $40 shipped Gen 2 undertail with reflectors and license mount- $30 shipped Gen 2 forks (complete), lower stanchions slightly bent. Good for internal parts, top caps...
  15. E

    What forks are compatible with the 2001 FZ1?

    My brother recently crashed my Dad's 2001 FZ1. He bent the forks and cracked the faring. I am wondering if I can put R1 forks on it. This is because I have spent alot of time on ebay and havent seen any FZ1 forks for sale. I am excited to turn this bike into a streetfighter! I want to make the...
  16. a7x3797

    R1 shock with lowering link

    So I've been made aware that the r1 adapter with shock will only work with the stock dog bone. I have just mounted the shock with satans adapter and it was a bit tall for me. So what I did was modify my existing 1" lowering link from cycleoneoff to make it fit and then use that as a template to...
  17. Oldschool

    Marbles and Stones

    After scuttled vacation plans and having a paid campsite reservation a couple of friends agreed to join me for a quick out and back weekend trip. The plan was to run the canal route from Carseland to Vauxhall then run back roads the remainder. It just so happened to be mostly the TCAT (Trans...
  18. SteadyEddie

    Exhaust hanger

    Does anyone make an exhaust hanger for the gen 1?
  19. ghetto_d

    Any Carpimoto coupons??

    Anyone have a carpimoto coupon they don't need? Looking to make a big purchase, any help would be appreciated!
  20. 2

    Gen 2 PowerBronze Touring windscreens

    SOLD I have two touring windscreens that came with my bike. They look almost new, but I replaced them with a lower and less protective screen. $80 shipped in the US. Or make me an offer . I'd be interested in trades for a rack, power commander, or Corbin rear seat with backrest. SOLD SOLD SOLD