1. B

    no spark on cylinder 3

    did continuity check from eco to #3 coil seems good. do not know what to do next. bad ecu sur hope not.
  2. FZ1inTX

    Happy birthday Dennis (Admin)!

    Happy birthday to our Admin Dennis! Hope you have a great day! :sport12:
  3. Bogie

    Happy thanksgiving!!!!

    Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!!!
  4. E

    Ixil Extreme under seat two silencer

    One has appeared on fleBay. I already have,looks great,sounds distinctive,"e"-marked. Hope of some help.
  5. A

    89000 miles on the clock

    I've just done over 89000 miles and apart from a surging issue all seems well. The bike has gone to the stealers for them to check the surging, which i hope will be repairable. My problem is I think i'm in love with my bike and at the moment can't bear the thought of trading up. I'd like to...
  6. Bogie

    Happy 4th of July!!!

    Hope everyone is having a great day!!!
  7. Klurejr

    Don't Kick Cars

    If someone cuts you off just move on with your life, don't get in a fight with an automobile driver and be part of a pile up... I feel terrible for the old guy in the While Escalade Truck I hope they catch the motorcyclist and put him and the car driver into a cell together for a few...
  8. FZ1riderNY

    Happy Birthday Eric

    Wishing a very Happy Birthday to our favorite site administrator. Hope your having a grand time in your new home. Enjoy that warm weather!
  9. lytehouse

    Happy Biirthday FZ1riderNY (aka Billy)!!

    Hope you have a fantastic day my friend
  10. lytehouse

    Happy Birthday Hellgate!

    Pete, I hope you have a wonderful day and all your wishes come true!
  11. Dustin

    2017 Honda CBR1000RR

    MCN is claiming to have the real scoop on the forthcoming update for the CBR1000RR http://www.motorcyclenews.com/news/new-bikes/2016/july/world-exclusive-2017-honda-cbr100rr-fireblade-revamped/ If it's true, I hope it's fast enough to get Nickey Hayden a WSBK championship!
  12. lytehouse

    Happy Birthday n.e. mich

    Hope you have an awesome day!
  13. S

    V-stream windscreen installed on my 2010 FZ1

    Hello guys, I just put on a taller windscreen made by V-stream. I have not tested it out yet, but it looks good and hope it functions as well as it looks. I will post updates when I can get out and ride.
  14. lytehouse

    Happy Birthday FZ1inNH & RI_Grinch

    Eric, I hope you have a wonderful day! Edit: sorry Mr.Grinch...I knew it was Eric's BD cause of FB. I hope you have a great day too!
  15. lytehouse

    Happy Birthday FZ1riderNY!

    Billy, I hope you have a spectacular day!! And may all your wishes come true...
  16. FZ1riderNY

    ***Happy Birthday PapaGeno***

    Is it that time again already? It seems like you just had a birthday. Have a wonderful one Geno. Happy Birthday brother. I hope all is well.
  17. lytehouse

    Happy Birthday BroHay

    Hope you have a great day!
  18. lytehouse

    Happy Birthday loosenut!

    Hope you have a great day!
  19. FZ1inTX

    No time...

    for riding! This is very sad to say but I've had the 2013 bike since I bought it new with zero miles for one year now. Last night, I managed to crest 2,020 miles on the ODO... one year.... I've never owned a bike and put so few miles on it! Life happened, so much going on right now...
  20. Blanchy

    NFL Jarryd Hayne 49ers

    You Americans really rate his first game or is it all hype? He was a very very Good Australian Rugby League player and now he's joined the 49ers (my team) I got to hope he makes it. What are you NFL supporters thinking or have you not heard of him?