1. FZ1inTX

    Might throw in the towel... for now

    I thought that moving to Texas would afford me more riding time. I thought the weather change from NH would entice me to be out on the bike more. I thought, since I'd bought a brand-new home, I'd have nothing but time on my hands with no projects to do. I was wrong in so many ways... on too...
  2. M

    Fz1 Commute home video sped up

    My commute home from Glendale to Fontana. In the cage it would have been 2+ hours but made it home in 1hr :) https://youtu.be/-tCFgoVft_s

    New threads / topics?

    Hi guys, I'm having trouble trying to post a new technical topic.... Where is the "new thread" button on the home page or in the individual topic areas...? The only one I could find is here.
  4. FZ1riderNY

    Happy Birthday Eric

    Wishing a very Happy Birthday to our favorite site administrator. Hope your having a grand time in your new home. Enjoy that warm weather!
  5. Dustin

    My VFR's ass exploded

    What a strange thing that happened to me today. I went for a short ride to Squamish today, my second of the week. The bike was running well and everything was dandy until I developed a misfire a few km from home. I pulled over and had a look at the bike but couldn't see anything obvious to me so...
  6. lytehouse

    Another Colorado Ride

    So my son came home from Florida and we set out on a quick little 4 day/3 night ride. He hasn't been on a bike in about 3 years or so since he sold his FZ1 when he moved to Fla. Luckily, we have an extra bike in the garage that he could borrow.... We headed out Monday morning towards Gunnison...
  7. FZ1inTX

    No time...

    for riding! This is very sad to say but I've had the 2013 bike since I bought it new with zero miles for one year now. Last night, I managed to crest 2,020 miles on the ODO... one year.... I've never owned a bike and put so few miles on it! Life happened, so much going on right now...
  8. FZ1inTX

    FZ1in...... TX?

    Sorry I've not been on much everyone. Real life got in the way and I've been swamped with work and household projects. Hellgate already knows but I'll share it here... some of you knew I was looking to get out of New England and find a better climate to ride a lot more often. Well, Pete...
  9. Oldschool

    Marbles and Stones

    After scuttled vacation plans and having a paid campsite reservation a couple of friends agreed to join me for a quick out and back weekend trip. The plan was to run the canal route from Carseland to Vauxhall then run back roads the remainder. It just so happened to be mostly the TCAT (Trans...
  10. Erci

    Michelin Pilot Power 2CT - Rear

    Michelin Pilot Power 2CT. 190/50/17. Tire was used for one straight-up highway ride to get me home (wore out the other tire and I was a long way from home). Tire has 220 miles on it. It's just about new. I prefer sport touring tires for street, so this one needs to go. Reply here or send me...
  11. drclarksmith

    The Bike on the Home Page is for sale. Would love to see it go to a good home.

    This is my 2008 Yamaha Fz1. It only has 6800miles on it and new tires..... I'm in need of a truck, and eventually a boat, so the bike has got to go. I am including all the gear seen in the picture.....Alpine Stars jacket, zip-in pants, boots included for 6700.00 otherwise the bike I will sell...
  12. D

    Please Help! Running weird after overheating.

    So I performed a lot of mods - Lars airbox, removed sub throttle plates, and flushed radiator. Also changed spark plugs, wrapped coils in electric tape. Went for first ride was running awesome really noticed a difference from mods. 2-3 miles or so I looked down and was squirting radiator...
  13. Klurejr

    Motorcycle Commute Time Lapse

    I was inspired by someone on another forum to put together a time Lapse of a typical day of commuting for me on the bike. This particular day I did a big loop around the county, so My ride home was a bit faster than on other days because I was able to use the Express Lanes. But as someone asked...
  14. FZ1riderNY

    Canonfuji Joins The GenII Club!!!

    Well, after riding my bike for a short sprint two weeks ago, Ray decided that his 148,000 mile GenI was getting a bit old and was finally time for an upgrade. After a brief search on Craigslist, he found what he was looking for, a mint condition 09' Gray/Black, with 3,900 miles on the clock...