1. A

    Bright bulbs

    Can anyone recommend a super bright headlight bulb (H4) Are led bulbs any good? Thanks
  2. M

    Question on After Market Dust Cover

    I have purchased a set of H4 LED Headlight bulbs. They are pure bright white and look great. Only problem I have is the fan that is attached to the bulb makes it to where you can not twist lock the bulb into place due to the Rubber Dust Cover. Anyone have experience in this area? I have found...
  3. M

    Headlight tape for track days

    I know a lot of people use colored duct tape or blue painter's tape for covering headlights for track days (often a requirement), but does anybody know of any pre-sized FZ1 headlight tape decals? I know they have some for R1/R6: YAMAHA – TrakTape Or is there a single large-sheet tape for...
  4. S

    Few new pics since the accident.

    Hey everyone. Been a while!! (I've been lurking here and there, won't abandon you guys/girls :D ) Had a spill a few weeks back. Busted fairing, headlight, headlight bracket. Everything else managed pretty well and once the handle bar was set straight, everything was fine mechanically. Very...
  5. Lazy Libran

    Anyone Changed the FZ1N Headlight?

    Hi Guys, Just wanted to find out if anyone here has changed the FZ1N headlight? Not that I don't like the existing one but was just thinking that a circular headlight (similar to the XJR1300) might look good as well? For the headlight to change, the gauge has to change as well so not an...
  6. H

    FS: FZ8 Retrofitted Street Fighter headlight set-up FOR SALE

    I am upgrade my FZ8 to a Fazer euro front end so I will no longer need this setup. This is for 100% needed plug and play. This will include the gauge mounts, all the plastics and trims. the headlight, the bulbs / wiring harness for the retrofit, and a PUIG smoked windscreen. The neon yellow...
  7. R

    Headlight wiring, need help

    Okay guys, I am trying to wire up an aftermarket headlight temporarily while I wait on my new naked setup to come in. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to make it work. The new headlight is a two wire unit (power and ground). I've tried every combination of plugging the wires into the...
  8. R

    Gen 2 FZ1 headlight, mirror, tail/ turn signals, rearses

    Okay guys I have for sale some FZ1 parts I won't be using. I'm building a Naked/streetfighter style FZ1. All parts removed off a 2013 FZ1 with 3k miles on it FZ1 complete front headlight assembly, perfect condition other than a rub spot on the side of the top left corner. I think it might be...
  9. H

    WTT: FZ8 retrofitted headlight w/ motodynamic blinkers/HID for your FZ1 front end

    Everything will be a direct swap back and forth, I'd appreciate a little money on your end since i have a retrofitted headlight. I am located in CT, and willing to do all the actual work/wiring if you come to me. -B My current headlight
  10. R

    WTB Naked/Euro headlight conversion parts/sreetfighter headlight

    As the title says I am looking for the parts for the naked/euro headlight conversion for my 2012 FZ1. I'm open to a full kit or individual parts like mount, speedo cover, etc. I'm also open to other streetfighter headlight setups. 601-five four zero- 7492 Thanks, Spencer
  11. R

    WTB FZ1 triples, levers, bars, etc.

    Well I'm new to FZ1's. I'm a grad student that builds custom bikes to help pay for my school. Anyways I came across a smoking deal on a 2011 FZ1 with 3k miles that was laid over. I've defided I'm going to build this one and keep it as my personal bike. I don't know what it is but even with the...
  12. Dicko

    Aligning headlight on a Naked

    Help aligning headlight on a naked Hi guys, I need to re-align my headlight. I should have taken a stock setting before upgrading suspension & going to a 55 on the rear, but I didn't think about it until after noticing the headlight points lower than it should. Can someone with a stock...
  13. O

    Gen2 Headlight adjust screws

    Which screws do you use to adjust the headlights? I installed a R1 shock using Satan's adapter and that raised the rear so now the headlights fall short on low.
  14. H

    FZ8 headlight setup for your FZ1 headlight/fairing setup

    I have a 2013 fz8 and belong to your sister forum site. 779cc.org. I want to swap my whole fz8 headlight/fairing setup for an FZ1 setup. My headlight is retrofitted with a Mini D2S hid projector, + amber angel eye.. I can also include the puig windscreen I am willing to do all the work...
  15. W

    naked fz1 headlight lens removal

    hi does anyone know if its possible to split outer clear lens on headlight from headlight shell . There are three screws that go from shell to lens. Removed them but does not want to split
  16. S

    garage door opener

    Open your garage door with your SmartPhone or headlight highbeam Flash2Pass The whole cell phone thing kinda sucks because you have to dig it out, but integration into your headlight see me pretty cool. (my phone opens the door and it's a pita)
  17. Zowne

    HID Headlights

    Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone has any experience with HID headlights. Currently I am using a Narva Platinium bulb in my FZ1n which gives off a nice bluish/white light. The only problem is, it is not very bright :tdown: I have done heaps of reading into HID headlights which...
  18. F

    Gen 1 FZ1 Front Fairing needed!!

    I'm lookin for the front fairing and headlight for a 2001 yamaha fz1. If you have one please let me know and I'll gladly pay you for it! Basically the whole front end of a gen 1 FZ1....
  19. F

    Help with lights

    I bought a pair of 55watt driving lights and need help/suggestions where to mount them. Or how i should go about hooking them up. I am really looking for saftey more than looks at this point. Optronics 55w Pair Driving Light Kit: Easy to install wiring harness and switch Square shape...
  20. F

    New Owner headlight help

    Hello everyone, I just got a 2001 FZ1 blue. The guy i bought it from had replaced the front forks with R6 forks. running into the issue of no headlights, the guy put one of those little dirt bike lights on it. Anywho it doesnt work and i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions other...