1. M

    2005 upper cowling

    Hey, I was out for a ride Sunday on a back country road when an ATV came out of the woods and cut across in front of me. The upper cowling is toast, the radiator cover is busted and my rear brake lever is bent, can likely straighten it. i have had this bike a while and want to get it back to the...
  2. C

    2006 Yamaha FZ1 near Baltimore $3300 OBO

    Selling my 2006 Yamaha FZ1! $3300 I've had the bike since 2012 and it rides great! No crashes/damage, great power, great suspension! Front tire has probably 500 miles on it, rear is still in good shape. Mods: Yoshimura full exhaust system Frame sliders R6 front forks with calipers...
  3. N

    Hello from Southwest Florida, USA

    Hey All! My name is Marshall. Avid motorcycle enthusiast. With a love for all motorcycles. New owner of a 2013 fz1. Bought the bike with insurance cash from previous wreck on my 2008 z1000 (someone pulled out in front of me. Their fault, I didn't get hurt to bad.) Was browsing looking for...
  4. FZ1inTX

    Happy birthday Dennis (Admin)!

    Happy birthday to our Admin Dennis! Hope you have a great day! :sport12:
  5. Klurejr

    DOT Ratings on Helmets

    This is a great video linked in this article:
  6. Klurejr

    Distracted and no Headlights

    This is a great example of a person who should have their DL revoked and be forced to ride the bus for a few years. Driving his big Dodge truck in the dark on the freeway with no headlights, not even DRL's, and staring down at his phone. I don't think he ever knew I was there at any point...
  7. Bogie

    Happy thanksgiving!!!!

    Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!!!
  8. R

    85,000 Miles

    I'm about to pass 85,000 miles. I recently had a major service with valve tuning and everything was just fine. Bike is running great. Aside from replacing parts from normal wear and tear I've done some minimal upgrading since 2009 - 16t front sprocket with lighter gauge sprockets and chain, K&N...
  9. E

    Ixil Extreme under seat two silencer

    One has appeared on fleBay. I already have,looks great,sounds distinctive,"e"-marked. Hope of some help.
  10. FZ1inTX

    Bye Purple Harley Eater....

    We finally found a buyer for the purple beast. He came over last night and bought it... absolutely loved it and might even keep it Purple. I gave him links to the forums as well as the FB page so it might turn up in a few places if he does social media. He got a great deal on it as I priced...
  11. Bogie

    Happy 4th of July!!!

    Hope everyone is having a great day!!!
  12. T

    Should I buy? New to Fz series

    Looking to buy a FZ1 I found on Craigslist. The bike is a 2006 Fz1 with a euro front end conversion and 3908 miles for $5,800. I believe this is a one owner bike taken care of by an older fellow who really kept the bike clean. Obviously this sounds great, but are there any existing issues...
  13. B

    2012 Part out, magical racing CFRP parts, 2bros slip on, seat, highway pegs, n more

    I had my 2012 FZ1 since new. I cared for her and the parts listed here with great care, and it is now time to move on to another bike. You all are a great community, and I am offering what I am thinking are fair deals here right off the bat. Unless mentioned otherwise, these parts have been...
  14. Klurejr

    FJ09 vs Super Tenere vs FZ1?

    This is all speculation. But now that it has been a few years of owning my current 03 FZ1, I am starting to think I want something different to commute on. I do like my bike and it runs great, but I am debating if I should start buying upgrades for it, or consider a new bike altogether. I love...
  15. Evitzee

    Time to move on from the FZ1 .....

    I've had my FZ1 with the Retro kit since May 2011 and I've thoroughly enjoyed it but over the last year or so I noticed I wasn't enjoying getting out on it as much as I did when I first got it. I think I was tiring of the fairly limp midrange that is endemic to the FZ1 engine, it doesn't come...
  16. lytehouse

    Happy Birthday Hellgate!

    Pete, I hope you have a wonderful day and all your wishes come true!
  17. N

    Comfortable seat

    Well if you don't want a rock hard seat I don't suggest the Sargent seat. My butt was going numb after 30 min of riding with the stock seat and after reading about aftermarket seats on here the majority was suggesting Sargent. So I place my order for both a front and back seat for my girlfriend...
  18. Dustin

    Bridgestone BT-023

    Bridgestone has opted to re-release this tire and run it parallel to the T30 EVO as a longer life, more touring-oriented alternative. I just purchased a set for my VFR to take advantage of a $50 VISA rebate card, bringing a pair down to $230 CAD (~$175 USD) which is a great value for a tire...
  19. FZ1inTX

    Meeting members

    Michele and I got to have brunch with Brad today. Thanks for the great suggestion for a meal! We also had a great dinner with Pete, Rachelle and Mary just before Pete was injured. Ya'll are some great folks here in TX!
  20. B

    First Impressions

    Well, it up for its first service, just shy of 1000kms Great bike, I chose well Riding position is comfratable and I'm 6'4" Throttle response, smooth Seat is out of the inquisition, thankfully when we go for rides there are frequent refreshment stops Brakes are fantastic, Front end...