1. B

    bought a clean 07 fz1

    i purchased a 2007 yamaha fz1 from a man who is 76years young lol. he has owned the bike for a year and has rode it a total of 500 miles. it has about 23000 miles on the clock .i won't be picking up the bike until thursday the bike has a slip on exhaust and looks stock except for that. the...
  2. K

    Hi! New member from London.

    Hi! My name is Konrad and I new here! I just wanna buy Yamaha FZ1. Can You write something about this motorcycle? It is good for beginner? Our Yamaha windscreens, at the design stage, are subjected to many tests which are to check how durable our product is and provide you with the product...
  3. D

    Needed- EXUP cover

    Good morning y'all. I've been lurking around the forum for a while. Had an 03 FZ1 for several years that got stolen a while back. I loved the bike, so I recently snapped up another 03 for a good price. When I went to check the tension on the EXUP cables the other day, I noticed the cover was...
  4. B

    2008 FZ1S Front End Parts For Sale UK

    Hi all, First time poster, short term lurker.. Bought a 2008 FZ1S a short while ago and decided to build a scrambler/enduro type thing with it (not asking for opinions!)... Selling most of the front end parts, will remove them when/if sold. List as below, collection from Byfleet KT14, Box Hill...
  5. B

    no spark on cylinder 3

    did continuity check from eco to #3 coil seems good. do not know what to do next. bad ecu sur hope not.

    Gen 1 L/H inner fairing panel

    On the lookout for a L/H inner panel in good shape.

    Fatbar risers

    I'm looking to go to fatbars on my 1st gen and was wondering what everyone is using. Right now I have stock risers that have been flipped around with a set of mini bend MX bars that are good everywhere except width. I'm looking for a set of risers that can be offset to either the front or rear...
  8. 2wheelMax

    Shout Out to WileECoyote & BenHurFZ1

    WileE sold me 2 nice Michelin tires with about 1k miles on them for $75. Very good deal and they are good tires too. BenHur sold me his old stock muffler from which I took the silver tip and shield to replace the ones on my bike which were scuffed. I sent those to another forum member plus the...
  9. A

    Bright bulbs

    Can anyone recommend a super bright headlight bulb (H4) Are led bulbs any good? Thanks
  10. Bogie

    New stable mate for the FZ10

    Looks like I am going to be picking this up on Saturday to park next to the FZ10!! Wanted to pick something up in the spring for two-up and long haul rides but this deal popped up that was too good to pass up on. 2009 Kawasaki Concours 14 with only 6700 miles on it!!!
  11. B

    WTB Gen 2 Stock Mirrors

    Found Found and purchased.
  12. T

    New member with a new (used) FZ1

    Good morning, all! I've checked this forum out quite a bit recently, and this past Saturday I upgraded from a 2009 Kawasaki ER-6n to a 2014 Yamaha FZ1. Picked it up with just over 5,000 miles on it, but it is in excellent condition! I've had it out the last three days, and will continue to...
  13. james3289

    New guy from Dorset

    Evening all, I've just got myself a 2011 FZ1-N after riding a 1998 FZS600S for the last 8 or so years. Look forward to having a good look through this forum.
  14. DenArnold

    Arnold and Family going North

    After several years been on Summer Holiday with the family in the Southern part of Europe (France-Spain) we have now decided to go up North. And our first destination next year will be Sweden. Travelling by car to the German port Kiel, where we'll board a 20h ferry/cruise up to Oslo. From there...
  15. Dustin

    Schuberth C3 Pro

    So I've retired my old Schuberth C3 and upgraded to a C3 Pro. My C3 has been very, very good to me over these last 4 years and is actually still in good shape. I've been having issues with water leaking in behind the visor now as the rubber gaskets are probably pretty tired by now. Other than...
  16. Blanchy

    Drag Race

    Got a short Video of a recent run. Sounds good.
  17. Klurejr

    Frozen Poop Jumper

    Turn up the volume so you can hear the guys comments to me: Good Stuff.
  18. S

    Carburetor rebuild kit recommendation

    Hello I intend to upgrade my 03 carburetors with RR mod, and also to replace gaskets and float needle. can anyone recommend me for a good reliable kit for this mission? Thank you
  19. R

    FS - 2007 FZ1 - Normal mods and luggage

    My FZ1 is for sale, I've moved on to a bigger and more powerful summer daily driver. I've owned several bikes and this is one I kept for more than a season or two. I put ~25k miles on it, daily driver and travel touring for 4+ seasons. It'll be sad to see it go. Price: $4500 OBO, I want this...
  20. A

    Anyone know about learning to race?

    I was researching track days in my area. I see there are some coming up this summer, but they are pretty expensive. Has anyone gone to them and if so did you have a good time? It sounds like it would be great. Get to ride around the track and practice skills. Have some instruction. What do...