1. Y

    Bike struggles to pull, wont go over 3000 rpm

    Hello guys! Just changed the clutch wire, everything was cool for a few days (little bit too long but adjusted it now when i reopened to see whats going on). Yesterday I was driving it and it keeps making sound like I am driving a tractor or a crosser not a 1k bike (loud PRRRRRRRR) and...
  2. F

    Parading gear indicator problems

    Hi guys , have been trying to fit a geartronic zero gt3100 y gear indicator on my Yamaha fz1N have plugged everything in correctly and have checked several times to make sure I have when I try to sinc it in to the bike it comes up E2 error code it says the bike is not picking up that it's reving...
  3. F

    Gen 2 flashed ECU

    Have an ECU flashed by Vcyclenut ($200 flash) and a brand new 16 tooth front sprocket for sale. ECU is setup for the gear change. Had this done, but never installed, plans changed. $325 shipped to lower 48. Thanks.
  4. Bogie

    New Video of the Akrapovic 3/4 System on my FZ10

    Made a video today showing the sound of the Akrapovic 3/4 Titanium System on my FZ10. I wanted to make a clip that showed something other than the standard start and rev it that everyone posts. This is always the type of video I wanted to see when I was buying exhausts for bikes over the...
  5. S

    Heated gear

    So quite often here in Mi we get high 40 low 50* mornings and up into the 70's during the afternoon. I have a heated vest and hot grips but legs still get cold especially on the fuel tank I would prefer gear that I could leave on the bike if possible. Anything out there like that? If not...
  6. Rx_FZ1

    Buy a new motor or rebuild this one?

    After hours of troubleshooting, disassembling and reassembling the clutch I have come to the conclusion my transmission is shot at 28,000 miles. Gear box is shot, no 4th or 5th gear. Dies in first, will take off in second but with terribly high revs, 3rd is intermittent and cuts out. Only gear...
  7. X

    Gas Mileage

    So my new to me 2009 FZ1 is getting less than expected gas mileage. I haven't kept a super strict log, but has been averaging in high 20's and today was 22mpg!! Everything I'm reading shows most are averaging somewhere in the mid 30's to low 40's depending on type of riding. SO, couple of...
  8. B

    Elusive 7th Gear

    Everytime I go for a ride I find myself shifting up from 6th, anyone else do this
  9. O

    FZ1 GT Screen

    Sorry if asked before but am looking for an OEM FZ1 GT screen. Mentioned in this thread: something about a 'Y's gear touring screen'. Anyone know if can get this ?
  10. H

    16-47 Gearing, 02 FZ1

    Its time to replace the chain on my 02 FZ1 and I want to gear it down slightly as well. According to the gearing commander calculations going down 1 tooth in the front (15-44) would be an ideal setup. However I'd rather not run a smaller countershaft sprocket because it will accelerate wear on...
  11. D

    Gear Indicator

    Just received this gear indicator, have not installed it yet. It is advertised for the gen 2, but I do not see why it would not work with the gen 1. It is much cheaper than the GIPro, yet seems...
  12. W

    clutch problems

    when my bike warms up the clutch dont fully open making changing gear hard to do. why would this happen?
  13. W

    First gear loud bang

    Hi went for a ride today but came to a immediate halt due to cyclists riding 3 n 4 a breast I knocked down gears I ended up in neutral the i accident ly revved the engine and knocked it into first gear with a loud bang sort of noise .i then thought shit I've knocked the gears but it rode...
  14. DenArnold

    Healtech Gipro X-Tipe Gear Indicator

    Anyone has already installed a Healtech Gipro X-Tipe Gear Indicator on his.her GenII...?
  15. A

    Knocking noise in 1st gear on the central stand

    Hi all, hope someone can help me to identify the problem. I have a 2013 bought last fall with 0 miles and at this time the bike is near the 600 miles service mark. I put the bike on the central stand and started it in neutral gear (I know better to not put my hands near the moving parts) and...
  16. loosenut

    When gravel attack

    Well, it was gonna happen someday, and Sunday was that day. I hit some unexpected pea gravel in the road. I was a slightly downhill left hand turn marked 15MPH. It's mostly cosmetic. However, it will likely be totaled. I'm hoping they give me $1 short of that. Now, how did I fare...

    2nd gear full throttle falls flat on its face.

    On my 2014 FZ1 when I am in 2nd gear between 4700 and 5200 rpm Wide open throttle, the motor falls flat and will not accelerate at all. If I roll on the throttle smoothly the motor will swing to redline with no problem. The issue ONLY happens in 2nd gear. A little dangerous when you need to get...
  18. Bogie

    Sena SMH10D-10 Dual Pack - New/Never Used

    Sena SMH10D-10 Dual Pack - New/Never Used SOLD SOLD :Rockon: :Rockon:
  19. I

    Grinding noise?

    2003 FZ! 30k miles. Its on the left side crankcase area. It almost sounds like a chain running over a gritty chain guide or a dirty loose chain going over a sprocket, but really loud. Could it be a bearing inside the case going bad? It seems to do it during certain conditions. What I mean by...
  20. N

    Riding Clothes

    I have been wearing Carhartt double knee pants. Does anyone have any experience with these? Bohn-Armor-Pants They seem a bit costly since you could almost buy a pair of riding pants for the cost. $159- but if they work well it could be a good option. Does anyone have riding pants they...