1. Bogie

    First Proper Tw0-Up Ride of the Year on the C!4

    Got out for a good 300 mile ride today on the C14. Tomorrow morning its out to the garage to swap out the stock headers for the Titanium R1 headers on the FZ10, :icon_beer:
  2. J

    new guy - jssport

    My name is Jim. I'm in my late fifty's and starting over with a 07 FZ1. I started riding when I was 5 yrs old with a Rupp. I have continuously ridden and have had a motorcycle in my garage ever since then. I have ridden motocross, enduro's, flat track, ice, desert and roadrace in my time here on...
  3. Bogie

    GYTR Quickshifter Arrived!!!

    Now if winter would just piss off so I could get some stuff done to the bike!!!! :disapproval: Oh how a proper size garage with electrical hookups would be so nice during the winter!!!! :nerd:
  4. Oldschool

    The Workshop - What did you do in Yours Today?

    There is usually something that I am working on that doesn't really fit into the Non-FZ motorcycle category, and I'm sure that I'm not alone. I thought that I would make a place for things that you are working on in your Shop, Garage, Man-Cave, etc. My recent examples are improvements to my...
  5. J

    Oil leak help ----- Newbie

    I just bought my 2001 FZ1 about a month ago for a fairly cheap price. It has high mileage as well. I started to notice small drops of oil on the ground when I parked it in my garage. I took off the chain cover and this is what I see. Bottom Any advice will be helpful since I...