1. L

    Another FZ1S in the family! :) From Sheffield

    Hello everyone! I own 2008 FZ1S with full fairing for over a year now and I must say... That's the bike I want to keep for a while. I owned loads of Transalps, GS650, Deauville, TDM900 and now I found bike I was looking for! :)
  2. S

    New member from Leicestershire UK

    Hello all, Got the 2008 FZ1S month ago been riding 40 odd years mainly sports bikes. A love of beer and pies means I'm not the right shape for sports bikes any more, but seems I have found for me the best of both worlds in the FZ1S.
  3. A

    Brand new fz1s from dealer question

    Hello everyone, my name is Amy and i recently purchased an fz1s. My question is, can I assemble the bike from the dealership myself. Which means it would be brand new in a box and when it arrives I will assemble the bike myself, what I heard is that the assembling are the front tires, handle...
  4. J

    2004 FZ1S speedo

    How does the 2004 FZ1S read speed for the speedometer? is there an induction line from one of the wheels to the speedometer or is it some how measured inside the engine?
  5. G

    WTB: Gen 2 fz1s Seat Cowl

    Anyone out there have a seat cowl for a gen 2 fz1s for sale?
  6. K

    FZ1s from Belgium

    Hey everyone I'm Kim from Belgium 30 years old male. I recently bought a fz1s 2009 to replace my Aprilia rsv mille. I wanted something that rides well on lower speeds but still packs enough punch. Also the riding position is more relaxed here so I'm quite happy. Been reading a lot about...
  7. T

    Greetings from Melbourne...just bought a 2009 FZ1s!

    Greetings folks, I have been riding a fair few of my 36 years, from haggard XT250 in the english countryside to slothful Honda H100 to lively TZR125 to Honda CB1-400 to 99' CBR600f to 99' R6 to 07 R6 and today to 09' FZ1S. I love the R6, it is a devil steed, the most manic beast I have...
  8. Criminal Pilot

    Will this fit? Gen 2 FZ1S rear seat cover

    I know there are thousands of threads on this topic, but I have been searching for weeks now and all I get is really old posts here or on FZ1oa about some seat cover that was in production or something or other. The only two I found that might actually fit the S model (NOT the N model), are...
  9. Johnnylane

    How many FZ1s?

    Anyone have a guess at the number of FZ1's Yamaha has sold? Any way to contrast that to the number of, say, Ducati Monsters in the world or other sport tourers?
  10. Top View

    Top View

    An uncommon angle
  11. H

    Fuel gauge stuck on full!

    Hi, New to the threads here, but I've owned my Fz1S for nearly a year now and had no problem except last weekend. Took my '06 Fz for a weekend camping trip and on the return journey the digital fuel gauge decided it was always full. Not fun when I didn't take any notice of the KM's I'd...
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    Akrapovic Ti slip-on
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    Akrapovic Ti slip-on
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    Akrapovic Ti slip-on
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    Akrapovic Ti slip-on
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    Akrapovic Ti slip-on
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    Akrapovic Ti slip-on
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    Akrapovic Ti slip-on