1. A

    Fz1n seat unit

    Hi. I've not long got an fz1n which has a split seat unit. I'm aware of cheap copies from China for around £95 on ebay but wondered if the R1 seat unit from similar year of 2007 would fit? Ideally I'd like to get it plastic welded but seems pricey by me!
  2. V

    Rapid Bike Easy

    Hey. I bought 2010 FZ1 N with 14k km on the clock (9k mi I guess) in like new condition. Imported, no info from the dealer. There are issues though. It came with a Mivv Suono complete exhaust, washable air filter, a lot of other nice aftermarket parts AND a Rapid Bike Easy Lambda Probe...
  3. A

    Ignition stick coils?

    Hi. Trying to source a new o/e replacement stick coil for my poorly 2010 fz1n. Any recommendations pls. Andy.
  4. B

    whats the differance

    what is the difference in a fz1n and the others letters.
  5. falcon_6

    Will 2004 R1 rear sets fit 2009 Fz1n

    Perhaps this is a silly question. But will 2004 R1 rear sets fit 2009 FZ1N
  6. Lazy Libran

    Information Required : Small Profile Windshield for FZ1N 2012

    Hi All, The only information I found here related to FZ1 Fazer and it's a touring windshield so not what I'm looking for. Has anyone here got a FZ1N windshield which is not as tall as the touring one? There's a lot of conflicting information on the net hence asking here and get some...
  7. C

    LED signals and tail light that look stock

    Hey everyone. Yes I know, another led lights thread. Sorry :) But basically I'm after front and rear led signals and led tail/brake light for my 2010 fz1n that looks stock or as close to stock as possible. I've searched high and low and all the ones I find have clear lenses and you can...
  8. H

    looking for wrecking fz1n 2013

    hi all I have a 2013 fz1n and I'm looking for a second ecu 2D1-8591-C0 if any one has one id like to purchase as this spare ecu will be sent to the us to a friend that unlocks and remaps
  9. Silatman

    How good are FZ1's

    Hi guys, My first post on this forum after buying a 2013 FZ1N. I test rode heaps of different bikes before forking out the cash, Ninja 1000, Z1000, Bandit 1250S/F, XJR1300, VFR800 XV1900 blah blah blah and everytime I ride my FZ1N I have a grin from ear to ear. My baby is, as...
  10. R

    hello everyone , now on my second fz1n

    hello everyone , sold my 15 plate fz1n earlier this year, cos i wanted an R1, the R1 reminded me that my neck is screwed , so after having a mt09 for a few weeks , i`ve traded that in for another fz1n , love the colours , love the bike , its a 14 plate with only 1700 miles done , in fantastic...
  11. Z

    FZ1N from the netherlands

    Hello I'm zrxjoker from the Netherlands Last week I traded my zrx1100 from 2001 in for a FZ1N from 2007. What a big difference between those 2 bikes, I loved how the zrx handled, but this is much better.
  12. Back To The Future

    Back To The Future

    Somewhere in the countryside...
  13. R

    FZ1N HID Projector?

    Okay guys, I am wanting to do an HID Projector conversion on my FZ1N. I've found a few pictures online but not much. Have any of you guys done this? If so, what projector did you use? I'm thinking what I need is a H4 2.5" Mini-Projector- wedge style. Any pics or tips would be greatly...
  14. R

    WTB: 2011+ Power Commander/Ivan's ECM, FZ1N Radiator Guards, Fuel tank

    As the title says, I'm looking for both a Power Commander for my 2012 FZ1 and an ECM programmed by Ivan if possible. Will give the seller my factory ECM if needed as well. I'm also in need of a set of FZ1N radiator guards, color does not matter. Also I would be interested in a Gen 2 fuel...
  15. Lazy Libran

    Anyone Changed the FZ1N Headlight?

    Hi Guys, Just wanted to find out if anyone here has changed the FZ1N headlight? Not that I don't like the existing one but was just thinking that a circular headlight (similar to the XJR1300) might look good as well? For the headlight to change, the gauge has to change as well so not an...
  16. Lazy Libran

    Hello All - Another Melbourne Member with a 2012 FZ1N

    Hello All, Another Melbourne member with a FZ1N here. And a proud owner since Friday. :D Just upgraded from a Yamaha XVS650 (V-Star 650 Custom) so there is a drastic change in power but loving every moment of it. Will post some pics soon. BTW: Have named her Black Beauty (BB in short). This...
  17. V

    2010 FZ1N rough throttle, low idling problem

    Hello everyone, I'm facing some problem with my 2010 FZ1N which I bought last year with 1600 kms on the odo. I use it daily for office commute as well as for weekend / long rides. Thus I've clocked 13000+ kms so far and I'm pretty happy with my purchase. Since last 2-3 months, I've noticed that...
  18. Trollveggen Norway

    Trollveggen Norway

    <p>a picture from a trip I made one weekend</p>
  19. Fangn

    08 FZ1N for sale Australia

    Hi all, a mate is selling his 2008 FZ1N, 28,000km, reg till Feb 2016, comes with Vic rwc. Bike is stock standard. $8000. Located in SE suburbs of Vic. For any info contact Bruce - 0419351354
  20. R

    600mile n first service

    well it took a week , but shes done 600 or so miles and is back in the dealers for her 1st service and clutch tweak , the fz1n is a serious toy ady