1. B

    bought a clean 07 fz1

    i purchased a 2007 yamaha fz1 from a man who is 76years young lol. he has owned the bike for a year and has rode it a total of 500 miles. it has about 23000 miles on the clock .i won't be picking up the bike until thursday the bike has a slip on exhaust and looks stock except for that. the...
  2. P

    Having troble decoding VIN

    Hi everyone! I'm new here. Looking at buying an FZ1, but I'm having trouble decoding the VIN. Here's the VIN: JYARN165000003929 All I was able to get from this was RN165, which indicates an FZ1 of some year, and the serial number, which isn't of much use. The lots of 0's confuse me a lot...
  3. C

    FOR SALE: Yamaha FZ1 Fork Kit Traxxion dampers and RaceTech Springs USED.

    For sale a full kit for your Yamaha FZ1 06 to 10 years (may fit others) front forks, consisting of a pair of ATK 20 dampers, race tech fork springs and spacers. The springs are 1.1 Kg (FRSP S3825110 part #) and the damper settings are shown in the photos. Spacers a re 107 mm long. I am a pretty...
  4. F

    Gen 2 Cover and Manual

    Yamaha factory cover, ABA-3C328-00-XX, for FZ1, excellent condition. Only used for indoor storage, never saw any weather. $75 plus shipping Cover SOLD Genuine Yamaha service manual, LIT-11616-19-79, for '06-'15 FZ1 Models. Lightly used. $40 shipped - Manual SOLD
  5. K

    Hi! New member from London.

    Hi! My name is Konrad and I new here! I just wanna buy Yamaha FZ1. Can You write something about this motorcycle? It is good for beginner? Our Yamaha windscreens, at the design stage, are subjected to many tests which are to check how durable our product is and provide you with the product...
  6. P

    Hello From Torbay Newfoundland

    Just picked up this 2008 on Sunday. Always wanted an FZ1 just never came across the right deal. It only has 14000km on it and its all stock. Needs a set of tires and I'm gonna put a new set of brake pads on it for my own peace of mind and an oil change. Looking forward to putting some miles on...
  7. F

    2015 FZ1 For Sale

    Excellent condition '15 FZ1. Never been down, no dents, dings, or scratches. Just over 3400 miles, no mods except dirty roads seats and Yamaha handle bar conversion kit with 1" SW-Mototech risers. Asking $6000. Or reasonable offers. Located in NY 12302. Bike is SOLD
  8. M

    New membah in Brooklyn, NYC

    Hello all. I thought I posted my intro a few days ago but don't see it. Apologies if it posted twice. So I just sold my 2002 Kawasaki Concours. Great bike but a real bear in the city riding I primarily do. I'm looking at an '02 FZ1 tomorrow. May be an FZ1 owner by the afternoon. Woohoo...
  9. C

    Possibly buying a 2014 FZ1. Is it worth it?

    Hi everyone, I'm possibly trading in my Harley for a 2014 fz1. Before I decided to buy it I wanted to see if anyone could tell me if this bike is as amazing as I've heard it is. I want something that can react and feels comfortable on the highway but can also be a great vehicle to ride long...
  10. F

    Selling my FZ1

    Just putting out the feelers as to what realistically I should ask for my 2015 FZ1? It has less than 3000 miles on it, motor/exhaust all stock. Never been down, no dents or scratches. Adult owned (I'm 50). Add ons are Dirty road seats, Yamaha handlebar conversion kit, SW-motech 1" risers...
  11. F

    07 FZ1 New Here Question bout handle bar swap

    Hi. Guys. Really new to this forum thing so hope Im doing this right but I just got a 07 FZ1 pretty much stock except for lower fairing installed and after market exhaust. The bike is dark blue super clean fast enough for me. But the only thing I dont really care for is the handle bar setup. I...
  12. 1

    For sale 2012 FZ1 with 1300 miles $5800. Washington state.

    Sold. Hello, I have a 2012 white FZ1 for sale. I'm the original owner. Bought new in 2014 as a leftover unit. Very small flaw on upper fairing near clutch lever. Other than that its perfect. 1320 miles on it. I'm having surgery soon and need to(don't want to) sell it. This is my second...
  13. 1

    2012 FZ1 with 1300+ miles for sale. $5800. Must sell. Washington.

    I hate to do it but I am forced to sell my bike. 2012 FZ1, white, all stock, original owner. It has 1320 miles on it. Nearly perfect. There is one flaw on the upper fairing that happened during shipping when new. Never down. Always garaged. New battery. I'm facing surgery soon and need to...
  14. I

    Looking For Lots Of 2013 FZ1 Parts

    Hi All, I am a new owner of a 2013 FZ1 that previously hit a deer going nearly 85 MPH. Needless to say, I need some parts... Just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction for new cheaper parts or good condition used parts. I am located in Canada but parts can be from...
  15. T

    New Member - '13 Fz1, any advise?

    Greetings everyone! My name is Tyler and I am a 22 yr old engineering student. I just put a deposit down on a 2013 Fz1 with 6k miles on it, and I am looking for a little advice/suggestions/confirmation. I have a long background on 2 wheels (crf250r, yz250, gsxr600, sportster 1200) but have...
  16. T

    Power commander V or my 2006 FZ1 for sale

    Power commander v for 2006-2010 FZ1. Only used for 3000 miles. Not needed anymore. Works as new. Box, instructions and cable included. $180 +$20 shipping. Only accept paypal. Text if interested. 9039483986.
  17. T

    Power commander map for my 2006 FZ1

    Hi folks. I'm new on here and not sure where to go to ask my question. I have a power commander v on my 2006 FZ1. I was provided with some odd map from Dynojet when I installed it. It ran terribly. When I looked at the map it is for a 2009 model with Yoshimura slip on installed.....My bike has a...
  18. darkcloud

    FZ1 awful mpg

    Hi I know this has been done to death but........... I picked up an 2010 FZ1 in Nov last..only mod is a slip on Remus can (fab sound :) ) MPG is shocking...90 miles to a tank ? :banghead: I have a second hand power commander from a FZ1 and wonder if I get fitted and remapped will this...
  19. B

    SP exhaust map

    Anyone have a map for a 2006 fz1 with SP exhaust for a power commander 3 please
  20. A

    2007 Yamaha FZ1 Check engine light

    Hello, I am sorry if i posted this in the wrong section. I was looking to buy a 2007 yamaha FZ1 from a private seller. On his craigslist ad, he stated that the motorcycle has check engine light due to changing the stock shocks to a R1 adjustable shock. I am not sure if this would be...