1. 2wheelMax

    Shout Out to WileECoyote & BenHurFZ1

    WileE sold me 2 nice Michelin tires with about 1k miles on them for $75. Very good deal and they are good tires too. BenHur sold me his old stock muffler from which I took the silver tip and shield to replace the ones on my bike which were scuffed. I sent those to another forum member plus the...
  2. lytehouse

    One Lucky Rider!

    This should be posted on the "Holy 5hit" sub forum! I just wished it explained how he ended up on the car like that
  3. Dustin

    For the mountain bikers of the forum

    My friend is an avid downhill MTB rider and he just started up his own YouTube channel with a really cool POV style. He's going to post videos of all the different trails and racing events around BC and other places. The videos are really cool as they are shot with a sweet stabilizer for a GoPro...
  4. james3289

    New guy from Dorset

    Evening all, I've just got myself a 2011 FZ1-N after riding a 1998 FZS600S for the last 8 or so years. Look forward to having a good look through this forum.
  5. Klurejr

    Gen 3 Sections?

    Since the FZ10 is the true replacement to the FZ1, will the admins just be adding sections for Gen 3 stuff? Should the forum name be FZ1/FZ10 Forum now?
  6. FZ1inTX

    Brenda's BMW F 700 GS

    I was searching the forum for your GS Brenda and only found the initial pic. Can you please post a review, new pics, the mods you've done, etc? A few of you know I'm looking for a new ride for my wife. All the searches for a proper sport bike for the vertically challenged all point back to...
  7. G

    just joined

    Hi everyone,just joined the forum,im from wakefield,England.:
  8. S

    new to forum

    Hello all, I am new to this forum as I just purchased a 2010 maroon FZ1 (all stock) with 3112 miles. The bike will be picked up next week and I will post pictures in due time after getting the bike. I previously had a Ducati Monster 620i.e. Dark (2008-2011) and a 6th gen. Honda VFR800A...
  9. B

    Competition Werkes FE kit. New. Need to move.

    Good evening guys/gals. I have been a member on the FZ6 forum for a while. A few moderatorshots can vouch for me. In a continuing effort to clean out our shop, I found this new, Competition Werkes Fender Eliminator for a 2001-2005 FZ1. This looks to be a 130.00 FE kit. I would like to sell...
  10. lytehouse

    Hasbro Toys

    As an employee, I was given the okay to share this with my friends and (forum) family :) enter promo code HOLIDAYFF at checkout Welcome to HasbroToyShop
  11. dschult2

    New member from Michigan

    Hello All! I just wanted to finally take the time to introduce myself. I bought a stock FZ1 back in August after having an FZ6 for the last few years. She is a 2009 in granite gray. She had about 8000 miles on her but I have since put on about 1000 more before tucking her away for the...
  12. Z

    Looking at buying a "new" 2014 FZ1

    Howdy, I am looking at buying an FZ1 - I have owned a bunch of different motorcycles in my time including an FZR6. Currently I have an older Honda V45 cruiser and I am lusting after an FZ1. So looking around the area I have found a few recent FZ1s in the $5 to $6K range - maybe 2009 or...
  13. P

    2007 with Retro Kit

    Hi all. Just wanted to drop a line to say how much I enjoy this forum. Just bought an 07 with retro kit that needed forks. A little research on this forum and I figured out that I could get a set of forks and brakes off of an 06 R1. A week later and it's on the road. Coming from a Ducati 999...
  14. KyBoy

    New to the forum, new to street bikes, and new to my 2015 FZ1.

    Well, I finally pulled the trigger. Went and got my motorcycle permit. My name is Heath and I live in a small town in eastern Kentucky where there are lots of motorcycles on the road. Although I have owned a few Yamahas (in order, yz125, yz250, 660 Raptor) and currently own my bought new '06...
  15. PapaGeno21

    What happened?

    When did this forum basically die out?
  16. D

    Need to find an OEM '09 rears

    This is the first forum I have tried to use. Help me out if I mess it up. I bought an '09 FZ1 with beautiful after market rearset that is too ergonomically tight for me. I'm looking to trade or buy an OEM set, complete. Where do I go on this forum for help?
  17. Dustin

    2015 FZ1 Forum North America Meet Up

    It's official, this event is going to happen on the weekend of July 25th and 26th in Colorado. City to be decided Event thread here So, I was thinking next year might be a great time to arrange a forum meet up for us North American members. I've already met a whole bunch of people from this...
  18. W

    seat questions

    Right, kids here we go Im not much of a forum person but have been reading and watching for a while now and have spent some time reading and learned a thing or two anyway to the point. Had my gen 2 'n' since may now and I bloody love it shes just about everything I like in a bike but there is...