1. D


    Hi all, looking for some help. Has anyone replaced the front forks from an R1, if so, what model fits?
  2. CrazyBiker

    FS: 2009 Black Gen2 Stock Forks w/ calipers and R1 rear shock with adapter

    Black Gen2 Forks - $175 Calipers have around 10k miles on them - $80 Pads have a lot of life! Both $250 R1 Shock with Adapter (fabricated...
  3. H

    Front forks

    Hey guys, The bike is 15 years old (2003 Fz1) and only has 4000 miles on it. I just bought the bike and have spent a little money getting it road worth again and figured as long as the forks are being torn apart to replace the seals that are leaking what else in the forks should I change to...
  4. Delta

    Fork service questions

    Hello guys So I've done almost everything to my ride other than change the fork oil. What I am wanting to know is... For a FZ1-n 2006- 1. What weight oil is best to use ? 5 or 7.5 2. How much oil in each leg? 500+ml ? 3. The air gap? 140mm I think I read somewhere there any fork...
  5. B6_Dolphin

    F/S - R1 Fork Conversion Kit for Gen 1

    Fork Assembly has been SOLD!
  6. J

    Does anyone have R1 forks for sale?

    I'd like 04-06, but if the price is right, I'll take 09-14. Thanks!!
  7. H

    Thoughts on Black 1st Gen with bronze wheels or keep the wheels black?

    So I just took off my wheels to put some new tires on and I noticed they need to be painted because they have some chips out of them (to which I contributed by yanking on the front wheel with the calipers still on the forks....brain fart :retard:) so I was thinking, hey I kinda like the look of...
  8. R

    WTB- Gen 1 Forks

    As the title says, looking for a set of Gen 1 FZ1 forks. Thanks
  9. Blanchy

    Gen2 Forks Calipers and axle (Black)

    FORKS SOLD Still have axle and calipers Got a used set of Forks whole kit for Aud $750 aprox 20k km never crashed straight and in very good condition.
  10. R

    WTB: Gen 1 front forks and triple trees

    Okay guys, I'm picking up a 2005 FZ1 next week that was wrecked and has some slightly bent forks. I'm looking for a set of forks and triple trees (assuming they are tweaked if the forks bent). I figured several guys around here probably have some laying around after doing the R1 front fork swap...
  11. C

    Fork Oil

    Hello, short but sweet.. what fork oil do people use in their forks on your FZ1's?
  12. DenArnold

    GEN2 forks + brake Callipers + frontbrake pump

    After my front fork conversion (using an R1 front fork, brake callipers and pump) I'm clearing out my cupboard and selling off the originam OEM GEN2 front forks and brakes 1.Fork set SOLD. Axle available 20€ 2. Set of front axial brake callipers SOLD 3. OEM front brake pump with adjustable...
  13. Michael_p

    Front fork bushings gen 2

    Anyone have changed the bushings in their front forks? I feel a small play in the forks (between inner and outer tube) Checking the same way you would when you check for play in the steering head bearings. Mileage is 61500 km. The service manual shows nothing and I find it hard to find the...
  14. P

    2007 with Retro Kit

    Hi all. Just wanted to drop a line to say how much I enjoy this forum. Just bought an 07 with retro kit that needed forks. A little research on this forum and I figured out that I could get a set of forks and brakes off of an 06 R1. A week later and it's on the road. Coming from a Ducati 999...
  15. R

    Front suspension issues

    Okay guys I have a question for you FZ experts. I picked up a wrecked 2012 FZ1 with 4k miles on it super cheap and replaced the front forks and triples (bent). The replacement forks (from eBay, unkown history) almost feel like there is a little wiggle or play inside of them. It's hard to...
  16. E

    WTB: FZ1 Gen 1 Front Forks

    My brother crashed my 2001 fz1 and bent the forks. The crowns are still good. Please let me know if you have any forks for sale. thanks -Edmond [email protected]
  17. E

    WTB: FZ1 Gen 1 Front Forks

    My brother crashed my bike and bent the forks up. I am looking to buy gen 1 front forks that aren't bent. They don't have to be in perfect condition. With or without the crowns mine are still good. thanks! -Edmond
  18. E

    What forks are compatible with the 2001 FZ1?

    My brother recently crashed my Dad's 2001 FZ1. He bent the forks and cracked the faring. I am wondering if I can put R1 forks on it. This is because I have spent alot of time on ebay and havent seen any FZ1 forks for sale. I am excited to turn this bike into a streetfighter! I want to make the...
  19. D

    rust spots on fork

    Hi, I am a new member, just acquired this awesome 2003 blue FZ1. The bike has been reasonably well taken care of, except for some rust spots on the forks, above the part that actually slides (not sure if that's clear). I have no idea what to do about it. The rust has breached the chrome...
  20. Dicko

    PSR loweing link

    I ordered one of these so that I can lower the rear of my bike about 6mm to get my geometry right for the higher profile Pirelli diablo Corsa II 55 I have on the rear. I have the Ohlins FGRT forks designed for the R1 so I have less room to move on the front that stock FZ1 forks. A standard 1...