1. A

    Fz1n seat unit

    Hi. I've not long got an fz1n which has a split seat unit. I'm aware of cheap copies from China for around £95 on ebay but wondered if the R1 seat unit from similar year of 2007 would fit? Ideally I'd like to get it plastic welded but seems pricey by me!
  2. D

    exhaust colletts,

    hi im looking for exhaust colletts for my 2007 fz1/n but yamaha dont make them,, is there any other make and model that uses colletts that will fit my exhaust,, my email is [email protected] if u have any advice,,cheers,,
  3. timalstonART

    Will a Gen 1 seat fit on a Gen 2 bike?

    I have a 2008 FZ1N and I'm wondering if the 1st Gen, 1 piece seat will fit. Any clues, anybody?
  4. Delta

    C spanner for headstock bearings.

    Does anyone know the size that fits the fz1 ? I found this info on eBay will it fit? C-SPANNER YAMAHA STEERING STEM ADJUSTMENT TOOL 43mm SQUARE ½" DRIVE REPLACES TOOL NUMBER 90890-01403 Will it fit the gen2 fz1 guys? Thanks in advance Delta.
  5. Delta

    Will it fit?

    Just a quick one Ape manual cam chain tensioner on the packet it says R1 04-06 and Fz1 07-12 Will this also fit the 06 gen2 ? Mine is registered in 07 but it is the 06 engine. Are the cam tensioners the same? Thank guys Delta.
  6. F

    Yamaha soft saddle bags (sw mototech blaze)

    I must be missing something for the bag install. Anyone have some pictures of theirs installed? the passenger grab handles make mine fit not quite right. Do you loop Velcro straps thru handles or over the top? Thanks.
  7. falcon_6

    Will 2004 R1 rear sets fit 2009 Fz1n

    Perhaps this is a silly question. But will 2004 R1 rear sets fit 2009 FZ1N
  8. V

    Looking for luggage for yamaha fz1 fazer

    Hello, a few weeks back i bought a pair of givi e41 keyless, checking with a retailer before, it was all going to fit together with this one rack they had in stock. Sadly when the bags arrived the rack suddenly wouldnt fit, so im stuck with a pair of bags useless for my yamaha fz1 fazer '07...
  9. ballmead

    Rizoma Risers 60mm Tapered (Australia only)

    I have a set of Rizoma 60mm tapered risers for sale, in great condition. These allow you to fit Rizoma 29mm tapered bars (or similar) They come with fitting instructions and everything you require to fit to your FZ1. I have all mounting accessories to allow fitting to 10mm and 12mm holes...
  10. Dustin

    Schuberth C3 Pro

    So I've retired my old Schuberth C3 and upgraded to a C3 Pro. My C3 has been very, very good to me over these last 4 years and is actually still in good shape. I've been having issues with water leaking in behind the visor now as the rubber gaskets are probably pretty tired by now. Other than...
  11. B

    Fz8 rear Hugger Fit Gen2 FZ1 ?

    Like the title says.... I'm seeing Motorcycle Gear, Free Shipping, & HD Video Reviews - RevZilla Its shows same fit for both.. I found a different one listed for somewhere else for FZ8 that I want... Just making sure it will bolt up Thanks
  12. PredatorFZ1

    Copperdawg Speed Screen Fitment

    I am thinking about buying a Speed Screen for my FZ1 and I wanted to know will the factory handlebars hit the Speed Screen at all or do you have to adjust the bars so that it does fit?
  13. Oldschool

    The Workshop - What did you do in Yours Today?

    There is usually something that I am working on that doesn't really fit into the Non-FZ motorcycle category, and I'm sure that I'm not alone. I thought that I would make a place for things that you are working on in your Shop, Garage, Man-Cave, etc. My recent examples are improvements to my...
  14. B

    Trickle Charger

    What do you guys use for a trickle chargers I have a ctek of which chargers my other bike plus other batts etc. I have a spare ring connector set up of which I went to fit, but found the following issues with it note that where the ring connector, joins the wire there's that block...
  15. Morgstang

    EK ZZZ Lightweight 520 120 Link Chrome Chain...

    One of the better chains out there...holes in the side plates are for weight reduction and cooling...had a 122 link chain on my FZ and thought i would be ok with a 120 by just moving the axle didnt fit...its a new chain and was only fitted to bike to find out it didnt...
  16. M

    Swingarm extensions?

    I'm looking to stretch my 06 fz1, I saw here before I joined that someone mentioned using 04-06 r1 extionsions an they would work. I ordered a set of extensions from FTD customs and they do not fit because the ovals on the extensions don't fit in the slot on my swingarm. Someone please help I'm...
  17. C

    OEM Tool Kit or something similar

    Hey everyone. I have a 2011 FZ1N and it did not come with the tool kit that comes with the bike. The previous owner misplaced it. I have a couple of long country rides coming up and want to be prepared. I have done some searching on the net but am having no luck. Does anyone know if and where...
  18. bobbyb

    Touring bags

    What are you using on your 2013 fz1 for saddlebags. My ogio soft bags i used on my 2011 fz8 don't fit well due to the passenger handles on my fz1 b
  19. F

    Seat unit swap

    Hi Guys, I'm thinking of changing my low mileage, excellent condition FZ1S over to an N. Does anyone have any experience of this? Does the seat unit fit? Are there any (bracketing) surprises once the nose fairing comes off? Thanks for any input
  20. R

    Will a 2009-2010 R1 tank fit a Gen 2 FZ1

    As the title says, I found a perfect R1 tank/cover for sale super cheap here in town. Does anyone know if it will fit on an FZ1? I know there are just a few frame/motor differences between the two and the tanks look very similar other than the plastic front tank cover part. My bike is a few...