1. C

    Need Fz1 gen1 lower fairings

    Hey everyone i have an 03 fz1 and im looking to purchase lower fairings for it. I cant find them anywhere. Does anyone know where to find them or another set that is compatible? Thx
  2. L

    04 FZ1 fairings

    Hello everyone. I have an 04 FZ1 and am looking for full set of fairings. I can't seem to find them anywhere. If anyone has any clue where to find them or has a set, let me know. Thanks you.
  3. M

    Looking for best place to buy some trick bits

    Instagram has given me loads of ideas for making the fz1 a bigger beast. Finding it hard to find some nice mirrors! Also would like a new rear light with intergrated indicators to tidy the rear. Loads of other bits I think I found already, rear sets, exhaust bracket to remove my pillion...
  4. R

    anyone got a 2nd gen speedometer for sale?

    Got 40k miles on my 2006 fz1 and the damn speedometer has crapped out on me. Everywhere I look online I can't find a decent used one. Anyone got one they don't need? Thanks !
  5. A

    Mounting kit for Flyscreen

    Hello, excuse my English. I need advice on where I could buy a mounting kit for fly screen from ebay.I have long can not find anything.It is this model: New Yamaha Carbon Fibre FZ1 Fazer Flyscreen Fly Screen Front Cowl FZ 1N FZ1N | eBay Thank you
  6. R

    Duplicate :( - Gen 1 - looking for help/guidance on upgrading suspension.

    Oops... Duplicate. Couldn't figure out how to delete the post.
  7. R

    Gen 1 - looking for help/guidance on upgrading suspension.

    I'm relatively heavy at 225lbs without gear. I also plan to take my wife for rides frequently and she is roughly 145 lbs. I, by myself, max out the rear suspension or at least the spring. I don't have a lot of money to spend but I do want to set the bike up right. What are your...
  8. D

    FS: Sargent seats for gen II

    Perfect condition front and rear Sargent saddles for gen II with silver piping. Goes for $469 new. $325 shipped or $300 picked up in Atlanta. I can't find the flashlight that came with it.
  9. F

    naked radiator side covers

    Hey all, Does anyone have any info on these FZ1N side radiator covers? Are they a factory Yamaha item, with a part #? i cant find any for sale anywhere, only some other design for the FZ1S models etc.
  10. FZ1riderNY

    2016 Daytona 200 TV Listing??

    Maybe someone could help me out. I have looked for 3 days for any info on when, what channel, or if they are even showing the Daytona 200 this year on TV or internet, and haven't been able to find anything. If anyone here could help me out with some info I'd be grateful. Thanks in advance.
  11. F

    any true shorty pipes for FZ1

    Hi all, Im after a shorty pipe for my 06 model FZ1N. Alot of my searching (on this forum and others) result in threads that are years old and none of the photos or links work anymore. The only pipes i can find, arent what i call a shorty, if they still need a passenger peg to hold them up...
  12. B

    Elusive 7th Gear

    Everytime I go for a ride I find myself shifting up from 6th, anyone else do this
  13. Michael_p

    Front fork bushings gen 2

    Anyone have changed the bushings in their front forks? I feel a small play in the forks (between inner and outer tube) Checking the same way you would when you check for play in the steering head bearings. Mileage is 61500 km. The service manual shows nothing and I find it hard to find the...
  14. F

    Anyone Know Who Makes These?

    Had this FZ1 a few years ago, then sold it. Big mistake. Recently bought a 2014 White and would like to find the chin spoiler and radiator side covers on the earlier FZ1(in black). Anyone know who made these? Thanks.
  15. FZ1inTX

    FZ1in...... TX?

    Sorry I've not been on much everyone. Real life got in the way and I've been swamped with work and household projects. Hellgate already knows but I'll share it here... some of you knew I was looking to get out of New England and find a better climate to ride a lot more often. Well, Pete...
  16. A

    FZ1S tail on an FZ1N?

    hi, has anyone put a fazer tail on a naked? i would like the grab rails and better pillion seat for the other half for long touring journeys but i have read that it is not a simple swap. cant find any details on how different it is or find anyone that has done it with pictures etc. any help...
  17. R

    "Shorty" slip ons?

    Is anyone on here running a shorty slip on pipe? I'm looking for something small, the louder the better. I've seen several "shorty" style slip ons but can't seem to find any information from anyone that has one. Thanks, Spencer
  18. silentcropduster

    Stebel horn upgrade on 11" FZ1- horn location issue

    Title says it all, looked at the "how-to" on realized its for the 1st gen FZ1. I took my half fairings off, cant seem to find a way to make it fit and clear the forks. Thoughts!?!?!?!?!!?
  19. Ssky0078

    Fz1 Abuse

    Saw this video today and it made me cringe while laughing. I don't know about you guys, I do find the bike has a high center of gravity.