1. O

    ISO Black Gen I upper front fairing/cowling

    Hi everyone! Recently some jerk backed into my bike in the parking lot while I was at work, tipping it over (thankfully, they left their insurance information). My front fairing is pretty busted up, and I am having a BEAR of a time trying to find a way to deal with this. Does anybody have any...
  2. J

    GEN II Front fairing Complete

    Hi all, I decided to sell this very nice front fairing. It is complete with wind screen, blinkers, inner panels, head lights and mounting bracket. It's a 8.75 out of 10 fairing. I was going to use it but decided to go with a smaller street fighter style. Here is a link to the ebay listing...

    Gen 1 L/H inner fairing panel

    On the lookout for a L/H inner panel in good shape.
  4. D

    fairing removal?

    any links out there on how to remove fairing for single light? and is there any kits besides CHINESE??????????
  5. T

    New FZ1 owner from the Netherlands

    Time to show my FZ1 Fazer ABS 2007. Bought second hand in Original state. Added: Full Fairing, Leovince exhaust, PCIII and some other stuff.
  6. Strider7

    Anybody got a lead on a 2nd Gen Retro kit?

    I know these things are discontinued, but I'm looking for either the whole kit, or just the front fairing. My front fairing has a crack in it, and I'm trying to check all of my options. I could probably have this one repaired and painted (and that's probably what it's gonna come down to)...
  7. B6_Dolphin

    FS: Gen 1 Blue Lower Fairings

    Rare Gen 1 Lower Fairings (includes all required mounting brackets/fasteners). When I purchased the bike from the original owner years ago, I installed grommets in all the mounting through-holes to minimize stress at the attachment points. I also installed weather-stripping at the upper...
  8. F

    fz1 2005 aftermarket motor fairing?

    hi, i have seen some fz1 2005 with full fairing that hide the engine but i look ebay and on many site and i dont find anywere i can buy some..:( did somebody know a brand of fairing or the internet site i can buy some thanks a lot
  9. T

    WTB: gen2 front fairing

    Hello, I'm looking to buy a damaged,or not, any color front fairing. No lights, just the fairing. If its about to break in half, I still want to look at it. Thank you
  10. O

    FZ1 full fairing available

    FYI if anyone is interested, the fz1-s Yamaha oem full fairing is available here in red white or black. https://www.motorcyclespareparts.eu/yamaha-genuine-parts/3c3w07126310-full-cowling-fz1-fazer-smx.aspx Excellent service from these guys, very friendly.
  11. S

    WTB 2006-2014 Shift Red Left Lower Fairing

    Had my stand sink into the mud when left parked. Looking for a mint replacement left lower yamaha fairing in shift red..
  12. S

    2006 Fz1 Red Full fairing

    Left the bike on the sidestand in the rain - and managed to do a nice number in the gravel on the left side fairing. Anyone with a spare for sale in Canada - or any experience with buffing the plastic? :P Shawn
  13. R

    Gen 1 FZ1 shift pedal, bars, forks, front fairing needed

    Hello, i recently crashed my FZ1 and am in need of a shift pedal, handle bars, front forks, and preferably silver front fairing but for the right price dont care bout color. If anyone is parting out a bike please contact me to see if we can work something out.
  14. bobbyb

    FZ1 Mirrors

    I'd like to remove the stock mirrors. What are you guys using to 'blockoff" the hole left in the fairing? B
  15. T

    Great site.. any suggestions on 2008 FZ1 Upper fairings??

    I need to replace my upper fairing cowl. I have researched and prices that I have found range from $170 on fleabay to $344 for oem plus cost of decals on other sites. Has anyone ever bought a replacement upper fairing for their fz1 off fleabay? The u.s. seller on there says it's the same as...
  16. meinschaft

    OEM Gen II Fairing

    I'm looking at buying an OEM fairing from Partshark. The parts diagram shows it as an assembly with many other related parts. So far I've not been able to get an answer from the Partshark people as to whether all those parts come with the fairing. 2008 Yamaha FZ1 (FZS10XGY) Cowling 1 |...
  17. meinschaft

    WTB: Granite Gray Fairing

    Looking to buy a Granite gray fairing for my 2008 Gen II.
  18. D

    WTB Gen I Lower Fairing

    I've been looking to buy some lower fairings for my Gen I but haven't had much luck. All the links from older posts about them seem to be broken now. Color isn't an issue because I want to plasti-dip the bike. Email is [email protected]
  19. soulrider

    Gen II Fz1 Upper Fairing and Bracket

    Gen II Upper fairing bracket in excellence condition $95 obo +++++sold
  20. soulrider

    Complete Lower Fairing - Raven

    ****sold************I have a used Complete Lower Fairing - Raven color and Fz1 decals. It has some cracks that have been repaired and some scratches but nothing serious. This is a yamaha oem lower fairing that I purchased new about 9 months ago. Includes all mounting hardware and longer bolts...