1. A

    2007 Yamaha FZ1 Check engine light

    Hello, I am sorry if i posted this in the wrong section. I was looking to buy a 2007 yamaha FZ1 from a private seller. On his craigslist ad, he stated that the motorcycle has check engine light due to changing the stock shocks to a R1 adjustable shock. I am not sure if this would be...
  2. E

    Clunking sound while turning over manually

    When turning over my 2009 FZ1 motor slowly by hand (at the crank end using a hand tool) there's a clunk you can both hear and feel. I know the timing chain is kind of lose, but I don't know if this could cause it. I was reading another blog (on a different model) and the counter-balancing...
  3. D

    concerning squeeking sound

    I turned my 04 off today and when the crank stopped turning it sounded like it made a squeak, I am able to replicate it by turning over the engine but not starting it and when it finishes its rotation, it squeaks. I don't know if it's something I never noticed before or if i should be concerned.
  4. 0

    03 FZ1 coolant leak

    Hey guys, My friend's bike (an 03 FZ1) was smoking the other day and we could see coolant dripping from the bottom of the engine casing onto the top of the exhaust where the headers merge. The leak appeared to be emanating from the bottom of the engine case. After taking the exhaust off, I...
  5. Y

    07 FZ1 check engine light...

    Hey guys... kinda new to the forum stuff so bear with.. I've got an 07 FZ1 and my check engine used to c ok me occasionally.. I checked the code and it's a sensor ih n th he airbox... only came on when temps where cold.. now it's on always and I forgot how to access them. Help.. ?? Lol Thx
  6. Bokfz1

    Painting engine block

    Hi Has anyone painted or touched up the engine block - the previous owner sprung a leak while touring and as a quick fix used something which dried rock hard. I have had the gasket changed but some of the paint has gone with it - I was wondering if there was an easy way to make good without...
  7. A

    Over Revving

    I stupidly allowed my 74 yr old Aunt to Rev my bike from a cold start. And more stupidly I watched her do it! Check the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PczQCnahLr0 What damage do you think this has caused. It may be just in my head but i think exhaust sounds a bit louder, the...
  8. Rx_FZ1

    2006 Yamaha FZ1 Motor Part Out

    All the items are off a 2006 fz1 with 14k. All parts are in excellent condition. From a parted out motor due to a broken shift rod. All items are OBO and ships free! They are listed on ebay as well, with pictures. I can PM/text pictures to forum members if you would like to avoid eBay, I know I...
  9. S

    Gen II sputter, jolt, choke, and stall (with video)

    Hi all Had a strange and concerning fault recently, which I have not been able to replicate on demand. It seems to be almost at random. When riding, the engine will suddenly start to choke, causing the bike to jolt violently. My only remedy is to pull the clutch, after which the bike will...
  10. Evitzee

    Time to move on from the FZ1 .....

    I've had my FZ1 with the Retro kit since May 2011 and I've thoroughly enjoyed it but over the last year or so I noticed I wasn't enjoying getting out on it as much as I did when I first got it. I think I was tiring of the fairly limp midrange that is endemic to the FZ1 engine, it doesn't come...
  11. S

    Gen II fan switch

    My Gen II often reaches 200+ degrees once I exit the freeway and travel a few blocks to my work. Because the fans turn off with the main ignition key, I tend to stay with bike turned until the fan cools the engine enough for the fans to turn off. If the fan was wired hot I guess it wouldn't be a...
  12. C

    what year r1 engine is in my 06 fz1?

    like the title says what year? because im looking for a after market clutch basket and dont see any online for the fz1 so i thought it would be the same part as the r1 engine, just dont know what year r1 engine i have in my 06 fz1. thanks
  13. A

    Low RPM issue? SOS

    Hello everyone. This is my first post on the site, by the way. So here's what happened. I've had my '04 FZ1 for about 4 months. I left town, and left it untouched for about 10-12 days with almost no gas in the tank. I came back, started her up, rode about 100 yards to the gas station, filled...
  14. S


    So, thought I'd take my carbs apart as my machine has sat for 2 years, good thing I did take them apart, will also help with putting in the de-anti-smog kit and the valve job and all the electrical warmth I'm putting on. I've never seen motorcycle carburetors that have engine coolant running...
  15. daddyRuss

    Engine mount

    Hey all, I noticed something somewhat strange when I changed my oil today. There's this gap on the engine mount/frame slider on the left (clutch) side of the engine. I never noticed this before and never noticed any vibrations on the bike. The other side of the engine doesn't have this shiny...
  16. E

    Bike choking/hesitating when full throttling after air filter change

    Gen 2 FZ1N with nearly 7K on the clock Mods on the bike -Beowulf carbon slip on exhaust -Exup eliminator -DNA air filter -Stock map (AFAIK) no fuel controllers So I changed my air filter to a DNA one recently and noticed if I apply too much throttle abruptly for example pulling away fairly...
  17. A

    How important is warming up the engine?

    Fortunately I live very close to on ramp of the freeway, but that doesn't give me much time to warm up the engine. I know these bikes are built Yammie tough. How tough is that? I want it to last. I had a Yamaha outboard and the manual says to warm it up for five minutes and people laughed at...
  18. T

    How to change Engine Oil on Gen 2 FZ1

    I recorded my engine oil + filter change and uploaded to YouTube (linked below). Figured it maybre of use to someone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xG6e4Oj9aQk
  19. G

    fz1 fuel consumption

    Hi everyone,just read the other night about the poor fuel consumption of the fz1.The main reason for this is the fact that the r1 derived motor doesn't have heavy flywheels on the crank,its a quick high revving engine which lacks torque.Take for example the Suzuki 1250,busa and zzr1400,all these...
  20. A

    Why are Harley's so different?

    I don't think I understand motorcycle engines. I went to the Harley dealership to see what they were all about and sat on a good looking 750cc. The salesman said I didn't want it, it was like a scooter and couldn't go past 60. Wtf? 750 isn't that much smaller than my engine. I had to start...