1. B

    -Horsepower Skepticism-

    Hi folks.. Re my recently acquired 2006 Gen II FZ1. Some simple work I did immediately. Opened the air box up as per posts on this website. New K&N filter. Disconnected EXUP cables and left the valve open, on stock exhaust. My dyno tuner got rid of the fuel injection throttle...
  2. F

    My ride on the dyno

    Did a test run today, was not disappointed https://youtu.be/6WSwgCtTCQs
  3. PredatorFZ1

    FZ1 Dyno tuning

    Well I took my FZ1 to have it Dyno tuned by Ryan Schnitz racing today and everything went smooth Ryan was very professional and explained what he was doing along the way. I did not get a before Dyno chart because Ryan explained to me it was better on the engine to tune the bike through the rpm...
  4. PredatorFZ1

    Dyno Day scheduled

    Well I finally got around to booking my Dyno tune at the end of this month. I will be taking my bike to Dyno Services - Ryan Schnitz Racing He is well known around my area for his tunes and racing so I think he would be one of the best to go to, at least locally. I am hoping for 140 to 150rwhp...
  5. B

    Adelaide Dyno

    Anyone recomend a tuner with a dyno in Adelaide Cheers
  6. IBcivic

    Looking for Gen2 OEM bellypan (any condition)

    ...as long as it isn't melted....:banghead: Running a supercharged FZ1 on a dyno will turn a plastic bellypan into Jabba the Hut:(
  7. Zowne

    FZ1 on the Drag Strip

    Hey Guys, New to the forum but wanted to share my video with other FZ1 owners. I went to the drags last night to settle the score with my Dad over a 3 year argument we have had. Whose bike is faster, his Suzuki Hayabusa or my Yamaha FZ1. At the end of the 5 runs the fastest times were...