1. J

    Help!! Code 43

    Hi everyone, I've owned my FZ-1N (2007) for a few months now and i have been loving it until the other day. I was Riding my bike the other day and it choked a little and sputtered but then it was fine and i continued to ride, then a couple of days later i was riding and the engine fully died...
  2. FZ1inTX

    Happy birthday Dennis (Admin)!

    Happy birthday to our Admin Dennis! Hope you have a great day! :sport12:
  3. Bogie

    Happy 4th of July!!!

    Hope everyone is having a great day!!!
  4. loosenut

    Laguna Seca Track Day video

    I had a great time until I crashed at the beginning of my 6th and final session.
  5. FZ1riderNY

    Rearset Powdercoating Question

    It must be getting close to riding season as I'm here starting a new thread. Actually it's just a question about powder coating my rearsets. For as long as I've had the bike, it has bugged me that the bike is literally all blacked out except for the rear footrest brackets and the rearset...
  6. B

    Happy Australia Day

    To all you aussies out there
  7. lytehouse

    Happy Biirthday FZ1riderNY (aka Billy)!!

    Hope you have a fantastic day my friend
  8. lytehouse

    Happy Birthday Dustin!!

    Wishing you a very Happy day my friend! XO
  9. lytehouse

    Happy Birthday Hellgate!

    Pete, I hope you have a wonderful day and all your wishes come true!
  10. lytehouse

    Fall ride Sept. 29

    Since we're so starved for new stuff here, thought I'd post up a few ride pics from last Thursday. Kinda a spur of the day moment, we headed up north to hit Guanella Pass and Mt. Evans Rd. Anyhoo here's a few things I thought were memory card worthy :)
  11. Klurejr

    Iron Butt Ride - Day 2

    My group ended up only doing the Saddle Sore portion of the ride at 1000 miles in less than 24 hours, so the second day was an easier 200+ miles day.
  12. johnnyontherocks

    MWF40 Race from NUMP 2016

    Hi all haven't posted in sometime. Haven't really been on the street at all in the last year, mainly coaching trackways and racing. This is a second place in the middle weight old farts class at NJMP. First race of the day @ 4pm, Its tough sitting around all day then trying to go fast right away...
  13. lytehouse

    Happy Birthday n.e. mich

    Hope you have an awesome day!
  14. A

    New rider with some beginner questions.

    Hi, I have only ever ridden a bike once, a 250 dirt bike through the bamboo in Haleiwa. Well, I have been wanting a motorcycle for a long time now and I finally pulled the trigger. What I want to be able to do eventually is: Ride around town Ride for fun Take day trips with my camera...
  15. Delta

    Wheel Rims...?

    I have a 2006/7 fz1n What other rims will fit from fz1's etc guys? I want to buy some 2nd hand rims so I can get them painted up nice. As I ride the bike every day to and from work I can't be without it for more than a day or so.. Thanks in advance for any info. Delta.
  16. RangerG

    Five Canyon Tour

    FIVE CANYONS TOUR Day 1 August 6/15 I started my big tour of the year on August 6/15. As I left home a thick fog had settled in. I was having to wipe moisture off my visor like it was raining. After a few hours it finally decided it should rain, so on went the rain gear. I stopped in Outlook...
  17. Dicko

    Happy Australia Day

    To all my fellow Aussies. Happy Australia day. Have a good barbie and keep the beers cold.
  18. lytehouse

    Happy Birthday FZ1inNH & RI_Grinch

    Eric, I hope you have a wonderful day! Edit: sorry Mr.Grinch...I knew it was Eric's BD cause of FB. I hope you have a great day too!
  19. lytehouse

    Happy Birthday FZ1riderNY!

    Billy, I hope you have a spectacular day!! And may all your wishes come true...
  20. lytehouse

    Happy Birthday BroHay

    Hope you have a great day!